5 Actionable Ways to Build Client Relationships That Last

The success of a company depends on how they maintain relationships with clients. Some agencies effortlessly work with their clients forever, while others have a higher attrition rate. So what sets these two types of agencies apart? It's the strategies the former makes to understand their clients better and handle challenging situations. For example, differences of opinion and miscommunication are the primary reasons for conflict, which can be tackled with weekly meet-ups. On the other hand, the latter type of agency does not develop proper communication channels with their clients and fails to build a relationship with them. To avoid falling into this category, here are five actionable ways to build client relationships that last.

Gather Subjective and Objective Data

Before approaching your client, conduct extensive research about their past successes, failures, services, etc. This falls under the objective data, which is required to understand where your client stands. You also need subjective data, including their values, aspirations, goals, mission, beliefs, interests, etc., because business demands not only analytical excellence but also emotional intelligence. When you have both, you can leave a lasting impression in your first meeting itself and also understand your client better.

Make Crystal Clear Communication

Communication is key to every solution. However, it doesn’t mean you need to have meetings every day. Instead, you should be attentive. Keenly observe your clients' body language, what excites them, what puts them off, what interests them the most, etc. This further helps you in planning your marketing strategies and winning them. Also, if they are sharing an idea that you don't understand or agree with it, then express it right away. A crystal clear communication makes your client think that you are not mindlessly agreeing with them but understanding their needs.

Have an Exciting Onboarding Process

Once you have the client on board, you can send a welcome email kit with a personalized message and other additional goodies to express the happiness of new beginnings. Such gestures make clients happy and comfortable, which in time, make them open up with you. Once you have an ice-breaker, you can have informal meetings and conversations, while maintaining a professional line. This will make the whole transaction between the two more transparent and interesting.

See Clients as Your Partners

Do not become so informal that you start taking things leniently, and do not be so formal that you don't openly share your opinions. The relationship should blend in a way where you can share your views and there is a level of comfort. You are both working toward the same goal, so be open to their feedback and disagreement, even when you are right. However, stand your ground by showing facts and telling them the pros and cons of their suggestions. Try to include them in the process so they can see your perspective.

A lasting relationship between the agency and its clients depends on communication, trust, transparency and reliability. At Rapid Boost Marketing, we build a healthy relationship with our clients so that we can cater to their specific requirements and plan the best strategies for them. Connect with us and work with the best.