Dentist SEO: How to build links to your dental clinic website?

Link building forms an essential part of SEO. It includes adding both internal and external links to your dental clinic website. The benefits of link building help both your blogs and dental website to get a high rank in SERPs (Search engines like Google and Bing). As a result, more potential patients become aware of your dental clinic and the services you provide. In other words - you get more clients.

But how should you go ahead with your dental clinic website link building? Here’s what you need to do for the process of dental blog link building.

Create Shareable Content

The first thing to be done is to create content that is unique and not easily available over the web. When you post such content, many users share your link on social media and may even share the link on their website. As a dental clinic, you can talk about latest dental procedures or treatments, something which the audience is not aware of. For example, if there is a new method of carrying out a root canal treatment, then you can write the pros and cons of the new method. Similarly, you can write on types of dental veneers or braces and mention the benefits of applying them. This information is useful for the person who is considering using dental veneers or braces. Apart from creating unique content, look at blogs that already rank first on SERPs. Note the words used in their post, images, keywords placement, structure, word count and other blog elements. Once you get a fair idea about the other posts, you can create content that others find it valuable and will want to share. Thus, shareable content helps you generate incoming links.

Backlink Analysis

Conduct backlink analysis on other dental websites and blogs. It helps to figure out who is linking to your competitor’s website. You can request these websites to link your blogs if they find them to be useful. There’s no harm in requesting these websites since maybe they were not aware of your dental website. Also, if you have the substance of good quality blogs, then they may instead link your blogs more often than your competitor’s blogs. Often these other websites need traffic to their website as well and more or less they should be willing to link your blogs as well.


Guest Blogging

Guest writing is a powerful way of generating links especially if you write on websites that receive high traffic. You can offer to write free dental blogs in exchange for a link back to your dental site. For this purpose, you need to be a good writer or outsource your blog writing to professional blog writing firm. All you need to do is pitch the website owner to write dental blogs that is valuable to his target audience. If he agrees, then you can go forward with guest writing. When you choose a website, make sure it is industry specific that is a dental website or a website that talks about improvement in the medical industry. In short, there should be some correlation between your dental website and the guest website or the blogs that you write. For example, if you guest write a dental blog to a sports website (that gets high traffic) then there is no real connection between the two websites. However, if your blog talks about injuries to your teeth or gums while playing a sport, then you can direct the readers to visit an emergency dental clinic and accordingly provide a link to your website. In fact, there are multiple guest blogging websites that you can contact in order to get link building for your dental website. Ensure that you follow the guidelines to guest blogging before you go ahead with it.

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Content Syndication

In content syndication, you push your blog out into third-party websites, either as a full article, snippet, link, or thumbnail. Through content syndication, you can get a few good links. Include your blog URL in the blog introduction. Make a list of some of your best dental blogs and either you re-write them for third party audience or they themselves will modify your blog content if you allow them. When other readers view your blog on the third party website, then they can be directed to your website through the introduction link. Moreover, you get backlinks to your websites through content syndication and eventually get more visitors on your dental website.

Social Networks

Join some local dentist groups and be a part of such social networks for dentists. When you develop social networks, your blogs can be shared on their official websites or social media pages. This way you not only promote your content but also help in link building to your blogs. See to it that you do not share too many blogs. Share blogs that are relevant and useful to your networks. If your social networks includes some bloggers, then they may hyperlink your blogs as well. Therefore, it is important that you use a social network to post good content.

Sponsor Content

You can sponsor your content on websites or newsletters that are archived to the web. Add links to the content when newsletters are sent via emails that can be archived to the web or to your landing page on the web. Request these newsletters to add a short blog; your blog credits can include a link to your website. It is similar to guest post but here you need to pay. Furthermore, you can use these posts to increase your online reach. To do this, you need to search websites that have a large social following. Hence, you need to be careful while selecting the right websites to pay for your sponsored content.

Internal Links

In the process of adding external links, do not forget to add internal links. If you have blogs on the specific topic, then you can hyperlink other blogs or your dental service pages. For example, if you have written a blog on root canal treatment, then you can add a link to your root canal service page. Moreover, if you have a blog that has achieved a good rank on SERPs without search engine marketing (SEM), then use it by adding the blog link to your other blogs or service pages. The internal linking to this blog won’t be affected but in fact, it can help other blogs to rank higher as well.

The process of dental blog link building is a continuous one and therefore, whenever you update new content, it is critical that you either add relevant internal or external links or both. With a large volume of information over the web, there are many websites that have linked each other and hence, they have a good rank. So if you haven’t started your dental blog link building process, then you should start it right away. Do not be in a hurry and add multiple links to get better ranks but ensure that the linked articles are valuable to the reader. Remember that link building is just one element of SEO and so you cannot put all your efforts on link building alone. Focus on each element and you can be assured that your blog gets a good rank and attracts more clients for you organically. For more guidelines on link building, contact a specialist SEO company.

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