11 Digital Marketing Ideas For Businesses During the Wave of Coronavirus

The novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, has affected the entire world, and it has also made Canada's economy weak, due to which, most business are going in a downturn. Even the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has declared that the pandemic is likely to have a severe impact on the global economy, like the 2008 recession, and it is predicted that it can potentially get worse.

Most of the countries are going under lockdown, and Canada is no exception. Most of the employees have been asked to world from home during this lockdown. In other words, the world has come to half, and with it, all the businesses too. But they need to function, even if it is at a slow pace. Hence, during these times, everyone is restricted to their homes, and are interacting with others only via the internet. Similarly, businesses are also forced shut down their interpersonal interactions with the customers, which is a big problem. Yet, there is a solution: the internet.

The internet is the best communication option for any individual and business left at the moment. Be it money transactions, communication with closed ones, or shopping, everything have moved online. What used to be a secondary tool for most businesses has now become the only solution which they need the most. We must use it to its full potential, then, and let our businesses function via a digital medium--the coronavirus cannot reach there. Whether you are a big business, or a small startup, you can enhance your business strategy during these trying times, and our digital marketing tips can guide you through them. Digital marketing can surely solve a lot of problems, and minimize the brunt of this economic downturn. Hence, here are some of the top digital marketing tips that you can use now.

1) Make Your Presence Online

Make Your Presence Online

To make your business survive the pandemic, you must have a strong online presence. If not, then you should improvise, because it is the only way where your business can interact with others. You would have witnessed how people are now more glued to their phones and laptops, and prefer staying online rather than being outside. The traffic on the roads has gotten less, and online traffic, though, is at its peak. Thus, you need to take maximum advantage of this situation for your business. People are surfing on the internet for entertainment, online shopping, and finding new updates. So you can use the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool at such times. This will make you appear in the search.

This is the time you need to come out in the open and make people attract towards your brand and make them your audience. People are looking for things on the internet, and you just have to provide what they are looking for. It is that simple. Lookout what people need, use SEO tools. Make quality content, use the keywords in it, and the Google browser will rank your content on top, but for that to happen, ensure you are using SEO in the right way.

You don’t want to appear as a business whose sole motive is money at such times, right? But as the economy plunges, it is also not the time to let your business sink with it. Your business needs money, and hence, the cash inflow should not stop. And many people are waiting to get various products or businesses online. So by using this one of the digital marketing tips during coronavirus, you are providing people what they need, it would help your business and everyone else.

Hot Wheels is a great example here. Though the company has nearly shut down all its operations, it is focusing on making their presence online more than ever. It has ramped up its digital marketing and advertisement, and they are coming up with new social media challenges and hashtags for its customer base. This is helping them build more brand awareness while providing some form of entertainment for the audience.

2) Connect With Customers on Social Media

Customers on Social Media

Social media is one of the most used spaces during the pandemic. The place outside which people used to explore their lives has now been restricted, and everyone has to stay inside to protect themselves. People are not able to meet their friends or loved ones. There is a need for assistance. People are surrounded by many questions and require supplies. Some people need to order something online, but they don’t know how to reach, so you can tell your customers to reach you online. Yes, there is a website for your business, but at such time you do need business, plus you have to support the people. So by making your business reachable through social media, you will gain a lot of support from the audience. It will also be an easy way around for them to reach you.

They may have queries regarding many things that you can resolve on social media, and also give them any updates. There are rumours doing rounds on social media, and you can help to check the rumours and tell the audience on social media if the rumour is true or not. Also, you can provide them with regular updates of the world and nation regarding the coronavirus. Post positive things, so they don’t panic in such a situation. Doing so, you will not only gain the customers, but you will also be able to gain their trust. Amongst other digital marketing tips during coronavirus, this is a big win for your business.

A great example of this is Porsche, the car manufacturing company. It has started using social media to interact with its audience where it does not promote its own brand, but provides helpful tips to on how to store their cars during the lockdown, and it also urges its audience to remain indoors and avoid going on drives. It is also using various hashtags on social media to build its community of fans. Sure, it is not making sales, but it is staying relevant using social media.

3) Invest in Pay-Per-Click Advertisement

This is a great opportunity for you to jump in and utilize pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Undoubtedly, you will get a lot of clicks. People are at home, and everyone is online, whether it is an employee working from home, a teenager who is searching for entertainment or any other person who is surfing on the internet for some information. With so many people already on the internet, you can gain a significant amount of audience. Not only that, but due to the effect of coronavirus, the rates of ads have also decreased, and this is the moment to seize the opportunity. As the cost-per-click is decreasing and is predicted to decrease more in the future, you can invest now in pay-per-click advertising. It will cut a significant amount of cost from your marketing budget. You have to pay less than what you have imagined.

Your business has a golden opportunity to grow. Amongst other digital marketing tips during coronavirus, this is the best medium to advertise. Grab your pay-per-click advertising plan at the earliest. In the meantime, the competition has also been reduced. So what's stopping you? Head for a PPC advertising now. If you think your business provides services during the lockdown, then investing in PPC advertising will help you gain a lot of leads in a short period of time. A great example of this strategy is Planet Fitness, Canada, that is running aggressive PPC ads on Facebook and Instagram. Via these ads, it is proving workout services that people can use to workout without stepping out of the house. Using this strategy, the brand is building brand awareness while also helping people out, all via PPC ads.

4) Lookout for Your Competition

Your Competition

This is not the time to prioritize money, but also it is not the time to risk your business. So one of the crucial digital marketing tips during coronavirus is that you have to ensure you stay ahead of your competition by using SEO. You don’t want the competition to be ahead of you when the pandemic ends. Now, that will be a significant injury to your business. While utilizing digital marketing, so you have to ensure that you use digital marketing tips during coronavirus to the fullest. SEO will surely help you stay ahead in the business. With the right steps and techniques used in SEO, your business will be shown in tops results on search engine results pages (SERPs). But your business won’t be shown on SERPs overnight. Thus, you have to strategize the SEO smartly and optimize your content and website regularly to get best results.

SERPs will take time to show your business, but that does not mean you have to back out. In this time of crisis, many people are backing out from the race, but you don’t have to. You can use this as an opportunity to grow, and most importantly, you need to generate revenue for your business to grow. No one is going to pay for your business except you. So, you must keep optimizing your content and website without backing out. You can start indexing your blogs on google so you can organically improve your overall SEO ranking on Google.

5) Prepare Your Business for Surge

Prepare Your Business

As you can see that China is now coming out of the coronavirus, slowly and steadily. It is only a matter of months before things get back to normal in Canada, too. People will return to their normal life. So you should expect a sudden surge in your business. For that, you can rely on our digital marketing tips during coronavirus and plan your digital marketing accordingly. When you are planning and strategizing the SEO for your business, one thing that you have to keep in mind is that it can take two months, at least to give you the required results. No one plans SEO for a short term; it is a long-term plan that needs attention and a proper strategy to be a success.

So keep in mind that halting your SEO can only result in hurting your business badly. After things get back to normal, your business won’t have the required audience, and you would regret halting your SEO. This is the opportunity for you, so don’t just strategize your business for now but also plan for the future by building up your brand's audience and also raise brand awareness. Consider yourself lucky because this lockdown is a momentum building time for your business. Your business should have an audience even when people are back to normal life. That’s when you can call the business a success.

Here, what better example than Apple. The company recently announced their cheapest phone of the lineup, iPhone SE. This is creating a lot of hype on the internet. Additionally, they are marketing this product aggressively, and many industry leaders are predicting that the impeccable timing of this launch is going to give a tough competition to other Android brands, especially OnePlus that focuses on cost-effective smartphones. Apple is wonderfully preparing itself for the market surge once the pandemic ends.

6) Offer Discounts and Support

Offer Discounts

As the economy is affected badly, it is undeniable that people are left with less money. Those who have a fixed job can survive through the unrest as they are told to work from home. But not everyone can survive as many have even lost their jobs. So one of the most useful digital marketing tips during coronavirus is to help everyone in need by providing a discount on your products and services. You can calculate the minimum margin you need on selling, and based on that; you can provide offers. Many people living in isolation are looking for ways to save as much as possible on their spendings, and providing discounts and offers in the time of pandemic will be of great help to them.

Providing discounts will give people the required support. It would keep them happy, and also the cash will be flowing into your business. And the best way you can promote your business discounts and offers is through digital marketing. You can use the medium of social media, promote the offers on your accounts, or you can also use pay-per-click advertising to reach various audiences. This way, your business will also be running smoothly, and the customers will also get support.

The perfect examples here are online educational websites like Coursera, Udemy, and Khan Academy. All of them have targeted the people who are spending their times indoor, and offering them special discounts on their courses. This not only helps the brands built their customer base, but it is also helping out those who are stuck at home with nothing much to do. It is providing education at a very cheap rate that would otherwise be too expensive.

7) Accept New Changes

Accept New Changes

People are forced to stay in their houses due to the widespread pandemic. The people are keeping their eyes on the updates, and they want to know how businesses are responding to such changes. Being forced to lockdown, any person needs to get hands-on groceries, medicines, and other essentials. People are relying on online orders. Many businesses have started the free delivery of products. You can also start providing free delivery at door-step. And you can display the offers and new services through social media and PPC advertising. Traditional marketing has come to a temporary halt, so digital marketing is the only medium available for your business. So you will have to use digital marketing tips during coronavirus and accept the changes.

The changes will help you to keep your cash flowing in. Even you could see numerous examples around you on how businesses have accepted new changes, like restaurants. You can offer free home delivery, curbside delivery and also discounts on the products. Also, display that your employees are practicing proper sanitization, so the customers do not need to worry about cleanliness. And for this to happen, it is necessary to show your online presence, and digital marketing will give you all the required attention.

What About Services?

You would be questioning how the services with the help of digital marketing tips during coronavirus can accept changes? If your business provides services instead of products, then you can provide online videos and blogs regarding the services. For e.g., If you run a gym, then provide online training videos and let the customers know how to workout during the coronavirus pandemic. Or, if you have a rental car agency, then put videos on your social media platforms regarding the business. Any service can also take good advantage of the situation. You won’t be able to provide the services, but providing such videos will help your customers and people a lot. In their free time, they can learn things from you and would consider your services once the pandemic ends. Zumba Fitness stands out as a great example that is utilizing this strategy in Canada right now. It is selling online Zumba tutorials for its customers that they can learn from their living rooms. This is a great, cheap opportunity for those stuck at home to get their muscles moving, and to learn something new.

8) Finish Your Digital To-Do List

Digital To-Do List

With people being locked down, you are bound to meet any clients or customers. There is no need for you to have a personal client meeting. You will do it online; still, a lot of your time is free. A lot of your work has been cut down, especially your travelling time. So you can utilize that time to enhance your digital marketing. Probably you too would have given a thought about the digital marketing tips during coronavirus. You would have made a to-do list for your digital marketing. It may be the case that you would be neglecting some action plans for digital marketing. Well, now, you can sit comfortably and give a thought to execute the action plan.

This is a great time to enhance your online presence, you may need to enhance your website design, so you can talk to web designers who will work on the website. You can talk with them easily on-call or on a video call and tell them what you need. You can also audit your digital marketing plan, you would usually be tracking it, but now you can sit and check on every aspect. Check with how your SEO is working, optimize the whole plan and workout on things that are lacking behind. This is a great time to work on your digital marketing, so utilize it to the fullest.

9) Post Blogs on Website

Post Blogs on Website

In the time of the pandemic, indeed, you are supporting people through various mediums possible. There is another way of helping people. This is one of the effective digital marketing tips during coronavirus to pose as a support for people, and also enhance your digital marketing plan. You must be uploading blogs on websites for a long time, but this is the time where you can utilize them to the full potential. People are getting information regarding the coronavirus in bits and parts. You can provide them with full information through your blogs. You would have researched the keywords that you need to use, so use them and create topics that would help people through the coronavirus.

If you are a gym trainer or owner of the gym, then write blogs regarding fitness or diet plan during the coronavirus. If you are a dentist, then put up blogs like caring for your oral health. If you are a web developer or designer, then put up blogs regarding the skills that beginners can develop during the lockdown of coronavirus. There can be various blogs regarding various topics.

Home Depot is the perfect example here. It is a company that sells furniture and offers home renovation solutions, and given the current market scenario, not many people are thinking of purchasing such furniture services. Yet, the company is pushing out blogs regularly. It is writing about tutorials, educational resources, coronavirus updates, and other topics that are relevant right now for its audience. By doing this, it is helping itself stay relevant on Google, as well as maintaining its audience base and web traffic.

10) Use Local SEO Strategies

Local SEO Strategies

People are staying at home, and they are looking for goods and supplies in their locality. At such times, you can use local SEO strategies. People not going outside, but they need supplies, so they are looking for them in the locality. No one is willing to travel even a bit far. So, optimizing the local SEO strategy will be the cleverest step you can take. During the time of crisis, it would be a lot beneficial to show people in your locality that you are open for business. And now, even you know that the best way to show your business is operating through digital marketing. Ensure that your business is displayed in the search for "near me" that would be the best way of display for the public.

Among other digital marketing tips during coronavirus, one is to attract the attention of the people to enhance your reputation online. Google My Business has temporarily suspended publishing any review. But you can use social media and ask people how they like your service at such a time. People will surely fill your account with positive reviews if you provide them with the right kind of service during the coronavirus crisis.

Two great examples from Edmonton itself are Family Centre, and Dog Jobs; both the companies are focusing on blogs that are targeted at their local market. Using these blogs, they are sharing information about the pandemic, how their services have changed, what they are doing to deal with the changes, and how they can help the local market during the lockdown. It is a great example of targeting your marketing strategy towards your local market, raising credibility as well as brand awareness.

11. Take Help of Social Media Influencers

Social Media Influencers

In such times, you want the people to trust you. So you can reach out to social media influencers and talk with them in regards to promoting your business. Doing so will gain you audience and trust. People are online most of the time now, and they are passing their time with the help of entertainment they are getting online. And they are also in search of any news regarding the crisis or any update. Social media influencers are playing a vital role in such times, and they are providing the required information. So you can reach one of the social media influencers, especially the one who is from your locality. Tell the social media influencers everything about your business, tell them what kind of services you are providing to the people during such a crisis. And surely they won’t deny promoting your business.

Every person in this time of crisis is looking for some solution, and you are providing them with the solution. This will increase your reputation as a business who was there for the people during hard times. And through the social media influencer, you will be able to reach more audiences. This will help more and more people to know about your business. To the social media influencer, you can offer deals, which will also be vital for them at such times as they are human too.

The best example here is Xomad, a social media marketing agency based out of Los Angeles; it is working closely with multiple social media influencers across California, and in some eastern countries like Bangladesh. The company has entirely shifted its focus from its usual business-clients to social media influencers. This is working in their favour, as now, multiple news agencies are running their stories on how this B2B brand is helping raise awareness about the coronavirus. This is giving it credibility, and helping build more and more leads.


Indeed, this is a hard time for everyone, not just for the consumers but also for you and your business. It is difficult to handle the business at such times. The coronavirus has created a wave of panic amongst people around the globe. So you have to ensure not to become the victim of the panic. The panic can not only affect your health but also affect your business severely. In a panic situation, you may make decisions in a hurry, and you may not analyze them thoroughly. This can affect your business in the coming days.

You need to focus on digital marketing tips during coronavirus provided by us and run the digital marketing campaign adequately. The economy has slowed down, but it is not going to stop. Even in the pandemic unrest and lockdown, people are looking for regular services. You have to make sure that you provide them with the required goods and services. And also ensure that you run the digital marketing for your business properly. Otherwise, you can face the consequences. We all wish that this pandemic will come to an end soon, and everyone will resume their regular lives. Until then, stay home, take precautions and follow the guidelines of your government. And no matter what, don't stop your regular business activities, as it can put a complete full stop on the economy. So practice safety habits and digital marketing tips during coronavirus adequately.