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About Us Page

It is the second most visited page on service providers website after homepage. If potential customers and clients feel a personal connection to the company's story or founder and an emotional connection to the people behind it, consumers are likely to pursue the conversation further. Great About Us page can make β€” or even break your website.

Here is a very solid case study Aweber revealed that when QualityStocks added an opt-in form on their About page, it resulted in a 158% increase in subscriber growth. Chris Haddad tested this strategy of story telling and increased the conversion rate on a landing page from 2% to over 8% by sharing the story of how his wife hooked him with sales tactics and techniques.

As they are very very important, about us pages need to be written in clear and simple language and should not be put together as an afterthought. Just like any other page on your site, develop a plan for what message this page should communicate and work from there. "About Us" page plays a large role in the first impression that you leave on a potential customer. This is where they come to learn more about your company and the people behind the brand.

‍Remember to apply this 10 Point Formula –

about us page
  1. First Fold (Most important area of about Us Page). In the first fold focus on your buyer persona and the value they get
  2. Company description and Bios - A Story of the Brand (At Least for the management if not whole staff)
  3. Why Us (Why they should choose you over multiple other options out there).
  4. Values & Mission
  5. Visuals (Pictures & Video)
  6. A clear and strong call to action
  7. Contact information
  8. Testimonials and links
  9. Case study data, and other facts that prove your value
  10. Most important: To make your page as engaging as possible.

"About Us" page is one of the most important pages on your website, and it can't go neglected. It also happens to be one of the most commonly overlooked pages, which is why you should make it stand out. Some companies and organizations use the page "Why Us" instead of About Us page. Decojent Software Development Company have done an amazing job with their About Us page, clean, to the point and focused on "Why Them"

Here is an example of Online Accounting Firm: Bench

about us page example

Here is an of We Make Fun a service company:

company about us page

One of the first pages that unique visitors check out when they arrive on service provider website is your About Us page. Apart from discovering your services and products on the site, they also want this question answered – Who are you? They essentially want to know if you are a credible brand that values and takes care of its customers.

More than that, the About Us page is a good place to leverage some SEO-optimized content. Using your brand as keywords and utilizing the right phrases, you can tap into the SEO potential of your About Us page.

A client of mine had plenty of traffic on his website and made quite a bit of sales. However, his About Us page had a high bounce rate. While customers loved his products, none ever remembered his brand name. Eventually, the high bounce rate affected his SEO rank and he started losing business. So, I took a look at his About Us page. All it had was a picture of his logo and a few pictures of himself.

Goes without saying, but probably the worst About Us page I've ever seen.

Here's what you need to know about making a good one

.It's about them, not you

You might be thinking – "It's time for me and my brilliance to shine!", but the About Us page is still about your audience, even though it's about you. Confused? Let's back up a bit.

The audience arrives at your About Us page to find out about what you offer. What they really want to know is not how you got such an idea, but how you're trying to help them. And, that's how you start.

Your About Us page should start with the challenges faced by your audience and how your services aim at solving them.

‍Don't talk to yourself

‍Another bad example of an About Us page is when it reads like a monologue. The About Us page didn't talk to the audience at all. Rather, it seemed like the brand was obsessed with how they managed to get the idea and create this brilliant product.

Write in a manner that talks to your audience – don't talk to yourself.

‍Tell a Story

‍Audiences love stories and nothing makes a better story than the one of struggle and success (of your business). Just don't dive into the story in the very first line. Ease them into it.


‍The About Us page is often all about you having your say. However, if you have accreditation or awards, add them to the page.

Not only does this help build credibility, it also helps with link building. Don't just throw in accreditation icons. Ensure you add links so that your reader can verify them himself.

‍Have Pages

‍If you want to talk about a lot of things – the aims of the business, its story and the people behind it – don't have it all on one page; rather have it on multiple pages.

You don't want to give your readers a lengthy read. Short and quick reads are the best. If you want to emphasize on various parts of your About Us, you can have multiple pages.

You will have readers who want to know the history and the face behind the brand. By offering multiple pages, you also improve SEO. You can create personal brand value for yourself and other employees and don't forget to add LinkedIn profiles (helps with link building). Also, the page titles and the keywords of the pages can help improve your SEO rank.


‍It's quite easy to come up with a paragraph or two in the About Us page. However, with a little effort, you can have interesting pictures. Have pictures of employees and customers that bring a smile to a reader's face. Ensure these pictures have captions and descriptions. Google can't read images,

but it can read captions and descriptions.

‍Run it

‍The only way to know if your About Us page or pages are good enough is to take them live. Keep a watch on your analytics. Your About Us page can always do with constant improvement and the analytical data will show you the way.

Just because the About Us page does not offer any products or services, does not mean that you should ignore it. Every page on your website should offer SEO value and value to your customer. Don't ignore your About Us, it reflects your brand and SEO rank.

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