Getting Traffic & Leads Using Infographics & How 1 Infographic Generated Over 250k+ Shares


"65% of People are Visual Learners"

How 1 Infographic from Copy Blogger got over 250k+ shares?

Copy Blogger created an infographic: 15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly

It all comes down to how much value you are giving in that content if it is really creating value and solving problems you will get a lot of shares. Also, infographics with research and in-depth data get a lot of traffic and shares. Anything with in-depth research will also get linked.

" The commonality across all of these examples (and thousands more in our other studies) is that users pay attention to information-carrying images that show content that's relevant to the task at hand. And users ignore purely decorative images that don't add real content to the page. So much fluff — of which there's too much already on the web."

Nielson Norman Group

5 Tools To Help You Create Infographics

1: Canva



4: Piktochart

5: Infogram