6 Clever Holiday Marketing Strategies

Holidays are typically one of the busiest times of the year for businesses and with a surge in competition, your regular business strategies might fall short in attracting customers during these times. But with a great holiday comes a great holiday marketing strategy and these strategies will help you bag your regular as well as new customers effortlessly. All it needs is a little brainstorming and planning in advance. To buck up this holiday season, here are some holiday marketing tips for you to follow:

1) Creative Email Marketing

Over half of the world’s population uses email and by the end of 2022, it's expected to hit 4.2 billion users. This is one of the best motivations to include email marketing in your holiday marketing strategy. Your potential customers might scramble for a last-minute gift and here’s your time to shine. Your email can provide ideas such as ‘X present ideas for this holiday season’ with a creative element that can grab their attention.

Here’s another take - if your customers have already added your item to their online shopping bag, send a follow-up email that could pose as a reminder for them to purchase it.

2) Discounts, Offers and Free Bonanzas

With one-upmanship in a myriad of businesses, you cannot fall behind. Your customers will look out for items that could cut their costs for the holidays and you might want to grab the opportunity. Hence, luring the customers with discount offers can work in your favor. While looking for gifts, the customers would want something for themselves too. For that, you can place an undeniable offer like getting X products free for purchases over $50 or a discount for products over a certain price range. You can even give away gift wrappers as a sign of good faith.

3) Social Media Marketing

It’s not as surprising to say that currently 53 percent of the world uses social media and is an integral part of our daily lives. This makes social media the best platform to promote your business this season. Your holiday marketing strategy can be modified according to your customers’ age and requirements. You can strategize as per various tools such as:

  • Hashtags: Hashtags are a smarter and faster way to increase your product reach by analyzing word usage. Instagram or Facebook hashtags like ‘#christmasideas’ or ‘#holidaypresents’ and a few more product-driven hashtags work effectively.
  • Blog posts: Blogs are where you let your creativity soar. Use creative and witty holiday content around your product to catch the customers’ attention. Puns or creative headlines are some of the clever holiday marketing tips you can use.
  • PPC: ‘Pay Per Click’ can help you create marketing headlines such as ‘Things your home needs this holiday season’ that could pique the customers’ interest and check out your content.
  • Social media influencers: People watch a bulk of influencer content daily. You can partner up your products with these social media celebs and widen your product reach.

4) Holiday Guide

It’s typically a stressful time for people while planning for the holiday season and you can very much uncomplicate things for them. You can provide a to-do list or a topic that aligns with your business for the holidays with hyperlinks that could redirect to your products, making it simpler for the customers as well as boosting your business. It's a win-win!

5) Video Marketing

People from all over the world enjoy video content and you can use it as a ladder to promote your business and product effectively this holiday season. You can advertise your holiday special video through email, social media or your website to create a hook among the people and make your company products and goals visible.

6) Webrooms

Webrooms, or online showrooms, are a great marketing tool. With people busy with holiday preparations, they might not have a chance to visit physical showrooms. So why not seize the opportunity and bring your showroom to their homes? Customers can explore your product from every angle possible. You can use this strategy for products like automobiles.

Holiday marketing strategies are limitless, if only one knows how to utilize them to their benefit. Rapid Boost Marketing has extensive knowledge and innovative ideas to help elevate your holiday marketing strategy this season. Happy holiday (marketing)!