2021 - How to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy for Construction Companies

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Lead Generation & Digital Marketing For Construction Companies

How many new client leads you get on weekly basis? How many new projects you start every month?

There's practically nothing that a digital marketing strategy can't do on the online front for your construction business, provided the strategy is an impeccable one. Several companies don't work with a strategy and only settle with basic things like creating a website and a Facebook page. These are the businesses that experience a lag in their circle of competition. In today's world, where being digitally active and successful is a must, you can settle with mid-range tactics. You need to up your game of digital marketing for construction companies to outperform your competitors and be there for your audiences. And what will happen when you smartly work on your strategy. Listed below are a few things to work on if you are a beginner.

Start with Search Engine Marketing

Today, the biggest competition that you have with your competitors in the construction niche is actually on the internet. The world is getting digitized, and the online presence matters the most today. In this race of being better than competitors and being available when people look for businesses like you, you need to do several things to be in line with others. In other words, you must take care of your search engine results to ensure that you appear higher when people look for a business like yours. That's why you must invest your resources into search engine marketing. There's a thin line between off-page SEO tactics and search engine marketing. Take a look at how you can work online so that your company's name is readily available on the search engines.

Try Reverse Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is the process where you reach out to top-performing sites and channels, submit blogs with them, and ask them to publish those. On return, you earn an external link directed towards your website under the author's name. Reverse guest blogging is exactly the opposite of that. This type of guest posting is finding good bloggers and the authority to write content for your business and maintain a good relationship with them. Apart from building relationships with renowned writers and thought leaders in your industry and giving a new perspective to your Blog section, you also create a chance of sharing your website's link. When noteworthy people write, they tend to share their work in their circles and on their personal channels. When their blogs will be published on your website, they'll share them on their social media profiles and elsewhere. This way, your website will not only get backlinks but more importantly, get more attention. And when search engines notice that your website is getting attention, they will go through your website, and there will be higher chances of getting ranked.

Use Google Products

Google, the biggest search engine in the world, offers several mostly free and a few paid tools that will help the efforts for digital marketing for construction companies. And when you use these products and features, your presence on the internet is felt, which helps you in getting better search engine results.

Create GMB Listing

Create GMB Listing

Using Google My Business can help your online presence in countless ways. If you have been following the search results on Google, you surely know about Google’s local-3 pack. You might be knowing that getting placed in one of these is highly difficult. By simply creating a free Google My Business listing, you can greatly increase your odds of making it onto this highly sought after list. With a Google My Business listing, customers will be able to review your business and leave feedback for others to see. In doing this, not only will you get honest evaluations about what you’re doing right and what you could be doing better, but you’ll also get that nifty star rating system next to your business on Google.

Add Website to Search Console

Google’s Search Console (formerly known as Webmasters Tool) is a boon for digital marketing for construction companies. Out of the many benefits of Search Console, the most significant one is that it helps you rank faster on Google. Apart from that, Search Console helps you identify keywords and queries that perform well, find the efficiency of your Schema Markup, pick broken and inappropriate links within and towards your website, and find other index errors that make you unsuccessful. Plus, there are several other things you can do with Google Search Console.

Use Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the biggest tool you need to survive on the internet. The tool tells you everything about your website, PPC ads, and presence on search engines. Using this single tool you can find out where your web traffic and ad clickers are coming from, where do you rank on SERPs, study your competitors, generate keywords for your digital marketing efforts, and determine what you can offer next to your audiences. Once you start using this tool, you'll understand the secrets of using Google Analytics and how vast it's usability can be.

There are just a few features that you MUST use. The more you utilize Google features to their fullest, the better results you can expect on search engines.

Invest in PPC Advertising

Invest in PPC Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a great way to drive traffic, conversions and sales. Unlike search engine optimization, PPC advertising allows you to precisely target your ideal audience. Not only this, PPC ads tend to appear higher on the search engine result pages (SERPs). So start placing strategically-designed advertisements for your construction company on search engines. Start with creating a standout ad copy that can be easy to view on smartphones as well. Using Google AdWords, source the right set of top-performing keywords for your ads. Use these keywords, including long-tail keywords, in the ad copies and content so that your ads are exposed to more and more people. Construction companies that can create an effective PPC strategy for mobile searches will capture the vast majority of clicks. One great way to create standout ads is to take advantage of ad extensions. Using ad extensions increases click-through-rate by 30-100%, so adding or optimizing your ad extensions can dramatically improve the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns.


If you think that a lot of people are clicking on the ad but are leaving your website shortly, you can blame the timing. They might get distracted by endless things in their lives. Unfortunately, they leave, and they never come back, and the entire thing stops there. You can avoid wasting money on remarketing. By placing a cookie on their browser, you can make sure your brand stays in front of those "lost" visitors and reminds them of just how awesome you are!

Avoid Black Hat Techniques

While there are a lot of benefits of digital marketing for construction companies, you must still avoid certain things to keep your search engine marketing valuable and fruitful. For the same, you must avoid some of the most common black hat SEO techniques that you may want to try to get better results. Black hat SEO techniques refer to practices that are used to get higher rankings in an unethical manner. These techniques are strictly technical, which Google disapproves, and if they catch a site using these methods, the site is penalized. Here are some "easy hacks" that you must avoid:

  • Cloaking: One form of cloaking is using various keywords, titles, and descriptions that are entirely different from what your actual content is really about. There is a high chance that if a search engine determines that the site is cloaking, your content or the entire website or ad will be banned.
  • Keyword Stuffing: Whether it's your webpage content, social media posts, Google listing, or PPC ads, adding too many keywords forcefully won't do anything good to you. Rather, it can result in poor user experience and ultimately harm your site’s ranking.
  • Link Buying and Exchanging: As the name suggests, it is the act of buying or exchanging links with a notice of directing several links to your webpages or maintaining a balanced linking structure. If Google notices that your webpages are getting backlinks from suspicious or irrelevant sources, you will be forbidden.
  • Doorway Pages: These are where you spam the index of search engines to catch visitors using a page of no real value, which then redirects the user to a completely different page. This practically never works with Google search spiders.

Once you have excelled in all these search engine marketing secrets, you must work on your SEO. Various SEO tactics will also help you to rank higher on the SERPs.

Work on the Website

Work on the Website

In today’s time, having a website for your construction business is more than a necessity. A business can practically not get away without having a website. And not just any random website designed without putting any thought to it. Your website needs to have several things so that you can be successful in the digital front.

As a business owner, you not only want to create awareness for your business but also ensure that your website traffic converts into leads. For that, you will first have to be visible on the search engines when people look up for construction industries and then provide a simple website user experience. Try out these tips for the same.

When it comes to designing a successful website as a part of helpful digital marketing for construction companies, you need to focus on two aspects - on-page and off-page optimization.

On-page Website Optimization

This is nothing but various practices of crafting web pages that answer searcher’s questions. In other words, all the efforts you take on your website so that it ranks higher can be classified as on-page SEO tactics. There aren’t just one or two factors that may determine the success of your webpages. According to Moz’s cheat sheet of ranking factors as per 2019, there are several factors under various categories that determine how your website will perform on search engines. Some of the things that you must do on your construction company’s website include:

  1. Keyword Research: Conducting keyword research, selecting the right keywords for the whole of your website and not just the blogs. Once you find the right keywords related to your industry, you can expect some success from the digital marketing for construction companies like yours. Why? Because this is the starting point of the keyword strategy for your website.
  2. Keyword Usage: Once you have all your short and long-tail keywords, it’s time to use them in the right places. Use the relevant keywords in the title tags, header tags, image alt tags, webpage URL, and the meta description tag correctly for every webpage and not just the blogs.
  3. Right Content Creation: Content is yet another crucial aspect of digital marketing for construction companies. Create relevant, informational, current, and enough content for your website. Your webpages must have long-form content with strategically-placed keywords so that people can read everything well. The best way to keep adding and updating fresh content on your website is by creating relevant blogs regularly, at least once every month.
  4. Image Optimization: Use the right images that go in line with your web page content. Use these images as opportunities to help your website’s SEO. Put ALT texts, captions, and descriptions to every image so that the search engines know what the images are all about. In other words, search engines will be able to "read" the images well.
  5. Correct Linking: Choose the right anchor texts for the internal as well as outbound links you put. The anchor texts, URLs, and landing pages should complement each other and make sense. Don’t direct too many links to a single webpage as doing so many seem like forced SEO efforts.
  6. Easy User Interface: Remember that if your website has too many pages or clickables, there will be fewer chances of people to quit your website. The same may happen if your website’s design is too complex. Therefore, the website’s usability should be simple and easy-to-scroll.
  7. Website Responsiveness: Your target audience may view and use your construction company’s website on their smartphones. See to it that your website design is liquid, i.e. it functions the same on all devices. All the graphics and text should look the same on computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
On-page Website Optimization

You did your best at making your website worthy enough to rank on search engines. But is that all you need? Is ranking on major search engines like Google so easy when you know there are tonnes of construction leaders out there? Of course, not. That’s why you need to put extra efforts so that things work for you.

Off-page Website Optimization

Off-page SEO techniques can help your website appear higher in the search rankings. But unlike on-page SEO, off-page SEO is not related to optimizing your site or content itself. Instead, it uses tactics outside your website that still helps your website perform better than before on search engines.

  1. Backlinking: One of the biggest off-page opportunities fo digital marketing for construction companies is getting backlinks from valuable sources. The easiest way to do is guest blogging. Find the right portals to guest blog on relevant topics and get started. When your posts go up, you can always direct a link like "Read more about my work" towards your website. Apart from guest blogging, try being a part of online discussions and forums related to the construction topics. With your name, you can drop the URL of your website so that people not only know you but also your website.

Although many people associate off-page SEO with link building, it goes beyond that.

  1. Social Media Presence: Have you ever tried to find out a person on Google by just typing their name? If yes, then what was the first thing that appeared. It surely was one of their social media profiles. It is true that social media websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc. have a high take on SERPs. So see to it that your construction business is present and active on as many channels as possible.
  1. Document Sharing: By sharing content about your brand on other platforms you’ll be able to rank for keywords your site wouldn’t otherwise be able to compete for, for various reasons like the competition is too strong. If you think your piece of content would serve others’ interests as well, upload documents to doc sharing sites like Scribd, Academia, and SlideShare. And along with these, you can always drop a link to your website. This way, you borrow some link juice for your website, which is again, beneficial.
  2. Check and Report Broken Links: Sometimes, helping others can be beneficial for you. A broken link building strategy works like this - analyze the links on someone’s site (ideally an influencer or thought leader in your niche), find any broken links, and contact the site owner about them. No one likes broken links, and too many 404 pages are a quick way to turn potential customers off your brand. You’ve essentially done the work for them by evaluating their links, so chances are they’ll be more than happy to do you a favour in return by adding a link that points back to your website.

Try Content Marketing

There's no one single reason why they say "content is long." Content is everywhere; digital marketing for construction companies is practically impossible without the right use of content. Whether it's your website, online ads or social media, you need this powerful tool everywhere. So when so much importance is given to this highly popular digital marketing technique, you should follow some really amazing tips that will guarantee success at every point.

Make Goals

If you wish to get somewhere on the map, you first need to have a map. Here, the map should be your goals and the destination should be a success. Before you start creating content, you must identify your goals - what you wish to achieve via content marketing. Do you want to create brand awareness? Do you want to promote sales? Or do you just wish to position yourself as a thought leader? Once you identify one or two goals, you are ready to move ahead in the right direction. Your content marketing strategy will be based on the foundation called goal that you will select.

Decide What You'll Give

The successful strategies of digital marketing for construction companies are those that keep the audiences before anything else. Understand what your audience is looking for. If you are present on Google My Business, see the kind of questions you receive there. Check the queries you get through calls and emails. Then see - is there a way that you can answer these queries using helpful content? The answer will most likely be a yes. Why? Because content can solve countless problems that you may not even know of. Think of ways of how you can answer the questions in the minds of your audience. Can you create blogs? Should you include? Or can create various webpages talking about different services you offer work? Find creative ways to create content and then get ready to get started.

Obtain Keywords

For any piece of content to be successful and rank higher on SERPs, you need to use the right and relevant keywords. These keywords should ideally match what people will look for on search engines. We already mentioned how Google AdWords can be a highly useful tool to source keywords for any type of content. Apart from that, you can try several other keyword generators like Wordtracker Scout. Based on the content for which you require keyword, you can search on the apps and check what's most popular and relevant. And don't just make a list of relevant keywords, you must look for long-tail keywords as well as they tend to bring quality and serious traffic to your content. Also, long-tail keywords help you appear when a searcher looks for something very specific, like modular construction companies in Edmonton.

Try Content Marketing

Create Regularly

According to the State of Inbound 2018, businesses that prioritize blogging efforts are 13x more likely to see positive ROI. That's why you must never overlook the importance of creating regular blogs. Content marketing without consistency is like moving around with an empty trailer - a complete waste of resources. While your content should be used to attract new visitors to your construction company's website initially, it should also be used to convince hesitant prospects to opt for your services and encourage customer retention and long-term brand loyalty. For the same, you'll have to create content regularly. We aren't just talking about regular blogs. No matter what medium you choose to create content, keep the efforts on and consistent. Create regular social media posts, blogs, ebooks, whitepapers, newsletters, and other forms of content. How regularly? It depends. You can put up one social media post daily on all the channels, and upload at least one blog and ebook every month. You must decide the frequency. The goal is that space shouldn't look deserted for weeks.

Keep it Long

According to Curata, long-form posts generate nine times more leads than short-form posts. This is because Google understands that readers don't wish to look for information in bits and pieces and open several blogs to get what they are looking for. That's why, when it notices a nicely-done long-form piece of content, it tends to give more preference and rank it higher. Therefore, when creating content for your website, let the lower limit be at least 1,500 words. If you see, most of the top-ranked pages on SERPs have long-form content on them. Take a look here:

Try Visual Content

This can easily happen when you pick a construction-related topic and create a pillar page around it.

Try Visual Content

Can you imagine reading a list of 100+ tips without any visuals? You probably would skim a few examples, get bored, and then bounce in a minute. That's why having visual content in the form of images, infographics, videos, GIFs, and illustrations always work better. 91% of people like visual content over written content. And as we already said, provide what your audiences are looking for. Don't limit visual content to just the blogs and webpages; use more visuals on social media and other fronts too. Create engaging content around your construction services in the form of visuals. As with search engine marketing, upload pictures of your office and projects and 360° tours of your real-time construction life with your Google listings so that you can attract more people.

Repurpose Content

Repurposing is simple. Pick up an old blog that you think is still relevant to the construction services you provide and break it into several social media posts. Or you can even create a slideshow and put it up on SlideShare. Or maybe you can convert a podcast into a blog. The motive is to pick one type of content that was created quite some time ago and convert it into another form. Or if not in another form, then reshare them once again by adding several finishing touches that are current. Doing so will give you more and varied opportunities to provide content for your audiences and for the search engines. Your readers, viewers, and followers are busy. Repurposing your content will also ensure your audience has more than one chance to see it.

Learn some sureshot ways to repurpose content here: https://youtu.be/p2v81p2bVoQ

Keep Sharing

Once you create a blog, newsletter, ebook, slideshow, or infographic, don't just limit it to the place where they were created for. Share them, make them popular. Make sure you share every new piece of content on every platform you can, starting with the social media channels. You can share your social media posts on one channel to the other one for better exposure.

Also, to leverage your content in the best possible way, implement social sharing opportunities throughout your website and blog. Make it easy so to allow your audience to share your content with one click of a button.

When it comes to designing strategies and being successful from digital marketing for construction companies, there's a lot that you need to do. These tips, these guidelines, together, are nothing but just the tip of the iceberg. There are a plethora of tactics that you must follow throughout, right from the day you start your construction business. Thinking about the same can be too overwhelming. That's when you must consider hiring a digital marketing company to look after your online presence and success. For a company like Rapid Boost Marketing, handling digital marketing for construction companies and other industries is a usual practice. Reach out to us on +1-855-920-9901 to build a new relationship.