How To Deal With Negative Reviews on Google or Facebook or Other Reviews Platforms

 Replying to negative reviews

Negative reviews or fake reviews on google and facebook

Negative reviews can impact your business negatively. At the same time positive reviews can impact your business in a positive way. We recommend to reply to each and every review your organization gets. In this post we will give you few examples and also tell you how to report fake or spam or hate reviews to Google or Facebook. Do you know that an unhappy client will go and share their displeasure with 24 other people about your business. Where as happy clients will share their great experience with only 15 people. Hence your business should have a plan in place to deal with negative and positive reviews.

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Fake reviews


 Let's say you have gotten a review from your competitor or spam or hate filled review which you need to report. Here is how to do it:

To report Google Reviews: Remove reviews from your Google my business profile on Google

To report Facebook reviews: Remove reviews from your business page on Facebook


How to respond to negative reviews

Here is a great example of a negative review and reply from the business owner:


bad reviews on google


 Here is how the business replied:

how to respond to bad reviews


 Source: Review Trackers Here is another example from a restaurant:


bad reviws and how to get rid of them

Source: Review Trackers Also, here is how one chef took it on youtube to reply to reviews:  



Here is how one business dealt with negative review and turned it into a marketing opportunity:

not a good experience

Source: Review Trackers  

Here is another example:

Tools list to help you get reviews fast:

1: Get Five Stars

2: Review Generator Handout by Whitespark

3: Review Push

4: Rapid Reviews Generator