How to Properly Design a Services or Products Page

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How To Design Your Service & Product Pages To Convert

After home page, service or product pages are the second most visited pages on the website. And 94% of the first impressions relate to your website's design and 75% credibility of the website comes from your design.

Consider your service based business website as an interactive salesperson, where your job is to convince potential clients through summaries (rather than boring old service descriptions) why your services are the ones they should choose over other local competitors.

# 1: Help customers find the page (Make it easy to find important pages on website menu in header and footer)

# 2: Your Headline (First thing people will read) & What you say before the fold. 84% of the traffic don't scroll beyond the first fold. What appears at the top of the page vs. what’s hidden will always influence the user experience — regardless of screen size. The average difference in how users treat info above vs. below the fold is 84% Source

# 3: Be Brief & Make It Digestible.

With so much importance placed on service descriptions, it is not uncommon to feel a little paralysis in this area. The descriptions of your services should be brief and concise, yet at the same time provide enough information to convey their value. Your descriptions need to be easily digestible tidbits.

To keep your descriptions short, stick to this 4 Point Formula:

The most important benefits of the service.

The features that enable these benefits.

The immediate questions people have about that service.

Any unique or distinguishing characteristics.

# 4: Service Q/A

A really great way to do this is to have a creative Q & A section for every service. You can either develop these questions (and answers) yourself based on what people ask you and your sales team the most, or you can actually turn to social media and emails where people have explicitly asked your service related questions.

# 5: Call-To-Actions

An important feature on a Services page that sometimes is overlooked is the call-to-action.

Consider the mindset of the visitor to the Services page. They have found your homepage of your company. They understand the basics of your company. They were interested in what you offer so they visited your Services page and read all the details about what you can offer them that will make their life better, easier or more profitable.

# 6: Visual: Picture & Video

A trend today is all about visuals video.

People are viewing videos online in great numbers. Just view the YouTube statistics to get an idea for how important video is for Web users.

Video is something to consider for a variety of pages on your site including your Services page. The video probably won’t take the place of the textual and visual content on the page. Instead, think of video as a complement to the other content.

# 7: Customer Stories

Utilize customer reviews to make a claim for success stories and satisfaction. Make customer reviews visual.

# 8: Design Best Practices

Keep the layout consistent! Design consistency will help readers follow each component of the page. You also want to make sure you establish a clear hierarchy of information. Don’t want to overwhelm the potential client with information.

# 9: Credibility enhancers

Links to relevant case studies or Expert endorsements or Believable client testimonials

# 10: Unique value proposition

Whom is it for?

What’s the benefit? Expose reader’s need

Demonstrate importance

Tell what’s in for them

Focus on benefits, not features

Tell them what makes your offer unique

service based business checklist

Source: Gillanddrews

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