Improve your Organic & Local SEO using Twitter

A micro blogging platform is the quickest and easiest way for you to gain attention for your business. Twitter is one of the most popular platforms in this region which allows you to propagate your business in pithy and focused tweets. It has a large network which gives you a huge audience to build your online reputation. Knowing how to use this social media wisely may help you to add to your business.

Here are some tips to improving your Twitter's SEO activities.

1. Name and Profile

Pick a username that clearly reflects your business and the services you offer. This will help you connect with the suitable network online and your posts will receive more attention. Write your profile or bio-content space to describe your business in simple terms. Also, add a link to a relevant page on your business website.

Seo for Twitter

2. Hash Tags

Hash tag (#) is a Twitter feature that helps to organize data and track trending topics on Twitter. Use it in your tweets generously, but wisely. Always remember to accompany your posts with hash-tagged keywords and a link.

3. Mention other Users

Another effective way to ensure that your posts get re-tweeted is to connect them to other relevant posts by other Twitter users. Make sure to mention them by using a @ symbol before their username. This ensures that your posts get re-tweeted many times. The more re-tweets you get, the more significant it becomes.

4. Help Others Help You

Just like you, your prospective clients and competitors probably have a Twitter account to expand their business. Connect with them on Twitter. Help them spread the word by sharing relevant links on your account. Most companies will repay the favor. Not only will it help you build your brand, but also guide your followers to a better choice of links to follow.

5. Tweet Regularly

As with any social media, you have to be regularly present on it to get maximum web coverage. Therefore, do not post tweets in bulks as this might spam your followers and force them to unfollow you. Spread your tweets over the day. You may also repeat the posts every two hours or so. There are quite a few applications like TweetDeck which will make your social media job easier.

6. Give a Purpose to your Account

You must define the goals you want to achieve by social media propaganda on Twitter. Do not attempt to combine too many departments on one account. Decide to focus on either marketing your product and services or gathering network and reviews or customer support. Having a direction will help optimize your social media strategy. This way your followers will associate your profile with something.

7. Retweets help

Make room for retweets by writing shorter updates. This way, you will let your retweeters comment and mention people in the content they are sharing.

Google's SEO algorithm also takes social media into account. Here is an example of my twitter account:


The more people talk about you on Twitter, the higher the chances that Google will take notice of your brand name.