5 Influencer Marketing Strategies for Your Business

"There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute them." – Seth Godin

Marketing is the most powerful tool to enhance your business strategy and take it up a notch. The right marketing strategies can soar your business to new heights. One of the most crucial marketing techniques that has seen exponential growth throughout the decade is influencer marketing. Evidently, influencer marketing has inflated so much that it is projected to expand to a massive $15 billion industry.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok have created an extraordinary hold among the people and have been influencing them in their personal as well as professional lives. A survey estimated that nearly 49% of people depend upon social media influencers for product recommendations. With over one billion users, Instagram has found itself on the top of the pyramid and Instagram influencer marketing has seen unprecedented increase in numbers.

What is Influencer Marketing?

The undeniable pull of social media is visible in our lives. This has created a window of opportunities for companies to collaborate with influencers to amplify brand awareness and target a specific audience. These strategies gave rise to ever-evolving influencer marketing.

How Does It Work?

The intricacies of social media influencer marketing might seem basic on a superficial note, but there’s much more to consider while actually diving into it. Here are the strategies that you could adopt:


There’s a lot to discover by just analyzing the performance of your competitors and their influencers’ interactions with the customers. Explore the variety of posts and ideas that you can take inspiration from while you research the type of content that receives the most interactions. You can use various Instagram metric applications or software that provide you with accurate data.

Clear Briefing

Influencers know the digital turf better than anyone and have the right ideas about what will get the audience hooked. Hence, granting them creative freedom enables them to be on the top of the game where audience attention is concerned. You can entrust them to choose a number of elements like hashtags or post designs that can maximize interactions rather than deciding every last detail for them.

Pertinent Influencers

It’s safe to be patient about choosing the right influencer to do your business bidding as a single wrong step can cost you your invested finances. You can find an abundance of influencers in any field, whether it's fashion, sports, cosmetics or any other industry. To find relevant influencers, you can use a keyword or hashtags and search for the post with maximum interactions.

Collaborative Structure

Once you have bagged the influencer, set guidelines for them to follow. Make sure they adhere to the terms set for them with strict deadlines, an upfront message for your audience, content usage rights and payment negotiation. Ensure they get a proper briefing of your goal and generate the content accordingly.

Execution of a Partnership

Before you sign a contract with the influencers, make sure their marketing history or background is clear and they don’t have any bad reputation or mishaps with their previous contracts. Formulate the budget and the amount you want to deposit in a structural format, before and after the work or depending on the number of posts.

Influencer marketing, when done right, can bring out a fortune for you and for it to go in the right direction, you need guidance and a number of marketing tools and strategies. Rapid Boost Marketing understands every frontier of marketing and provides expertise in the same. Seek us out and set your business sails right.