3 Ways to Make an Ad Memorable

As per a report on Business Insider, internet video advertising is gaining in popularity at a far higher rate than virtually all other marketing forms and platforms. A growing number of firms use this marketing strategy.

So how can marketers make memorable ads that stand out among the rest of them? The objective is to develop compelling video advertising that people will want to revisit and share. It's difficult to come up with unique video concepts every single time, so why reinvent the wheel if you don't have to? Some of the most successful and memorable ads from the previous year tell us exactly what tactics producers utilize to generate good marketing campaigns. Below are a few strategies that you can use to make great ads:

1) Incorporate a Surprising Aspect

Let's face it, advertisements are often very obvious. Consider how many grocery store advertisements you've seen that don't include a lovely young mother strolling down the vegetable section, her cart brimming with delicious, low-cost items? Or have you ever seen a jewelry advertisement that didn't finish with a newly engaged couple hugging? The issue with generic advertisements is that they have little to no impact on the viewer. They're nothing more than background noise.

Good ads stand out from the crowd. They catch people off guard when they deviate from the ordinary, and if done effectively, they leave an indelible impression.

2) Pull on the Heartstrings of Your Audience

We've observed time and again that commercials that elicit strong emotions have a huge impact on viewers and are consequently quite memorable. Certainly, incorporating thoughts and feelings into tiny text advertising or static picture ads might be difficult, but video commercials are a different thing altogether. This approach allows writers to tell a tale while including both visual and audio elements to enhance it.

The possibilities to create good marketing campaigns here are limitless. With the wide range of emotional triggers, all you have to do is choose which one you want to elicit and start crafting a tale around it. EDEKA, a German grocery chain, tried out a similar tactic earlier back in 2015. Rather than a mundane grocery store advertisement, their tearjerker ad got a lot of attention.

3) Use Nostalgia to Your Advantage

Don't ever overlook the marketing power of nostalgia. Humans, in fact, have such an emotional attachment to their history and like reminiscing about it. Brands may tap into these feelings by injecting commercials with "blasts from the past," making customers feel more positive about their products.

We've witnessed businesses effectively use nostalgia to engage with customers in a variety of ways. The AMC smash Mad Men, a period drama set in the 1960s, is a noteworthy example. Whereas the scripting and performance for this program were great, the secret to its popularity was that it evoked nostalgic sentiments in so many viewers - even those who weren't alive at the time!

Yes, every one of the ad films here is from major corporations who undoubtedly paid a lot of money to create these commercials. However, it isn't their excellent videography or celebrity sponsorships that set these great ads apart. It's the narrative they tell that matters. Regardless of your budget, the greatest approach to stand out and create memorable ads is to tell a compelling story that resonates with the viewer.

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