6 Marketing Strategies to Kick-Start 2022

The new year calls for fresh beginnings and with it, brand new trends and ideas emerge. The new year could bring a new light for your business and you might want to introduce a few innovative marketing strategies to follow a futuristic approach. Here are some marketing strategies that you could implement in your business outlook to kick-start 2022.

Move Over Cookies

By 2022, cookies and ad-tracking tools are stated to change dramatically as Google is putting an effort to phase out third-party cookies entirely. In the wake of it, you might want to elevate your strategies about reaching your audience and steer away from the outmoded concept of third-party cookies and switch to first or zero-party cookies.

Endorse Influencer Marketing

Social media has transpired to be at the top of the pyramid, where posts, ideas and communications are transmitted every second of every day from countless corners of the world. This can be your trump card in marketing your product, while influencers can be your key. According to a survey, 53% of women made purchases due to social media influencer posts and another survey estimated that nearly 49% of people depend on influencers regarding product recommendations. Influencers are experts within their niche and can set the curve for your products.

For your strategy to work, you need to:

- Fix a budget and management strategy - Find suitable social media influencers- Decide your goals and message beforehand

Invest in Short-Form Video Marketing

Short-form videos have the highest ROI among other business strategies. Videos like YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, TikTok or Whatsapp and Facebook stories put forth essential information within a relatively less amount of time. According to reports, 68% of people will happily watch a business video if it’s under a minute and 72% of consumers prefer videos to text marketing. Therefore, you might want to take advantage of the rising technology and up your marketing a notch.  

Analyze SEO Strategies

To be distinct and discoverable should be one of the main strategies for marketing your product among numerous products scattered over the internet. Countless web pages and businesses are pushing their sites forward with SEO strategies on Google, which provides both long-term and short-term traffic returns through Google Analytics. Keep note of all the ranking factors that could help you manage and strategize your content well.

Brainstorm Out-of-The-Box Ideas

Among a plethora of business tactics, a copious amount of marketing strategies are recurrent and outdated. There comes a necessity to brainstorm novel ideas that could grab the attention of your target audience. Do you see any steep decline or a dramatic increase in inquiries or conversion rates? Consumer habits during the pandemic might be a bit dicey and unpredictable, and in such occurrences, your approach should be different from previous ones. You can partner up with brands that contribute to your product well or have a firm grip on the media metrics and analyses.

Adopt Smart Marketing Automation

Smart marketing automation utilizes software to automate monotonous marketing tasks. Repetitive tasks such as email marketing and social media posting can be done quickly and easily with the help of marketing automation. It streamlines workflow and a collection of extensive data is put to good use.

Your new year might have been jolly and your business can experience the same while you partner up with Rapid Boost Marketing. We stick by you in all your marketing endeavors and guide your brand in the right direction. Have a kick-ass new year!