2021 Physical & Massage Therapy Clinic Marketing - Attracting Patients for your Physiotherapy Business

How Physiotherapist & Massage Clinics Can Get More Patients in 2021

How much an average patient lifetime value is in Physio, Chiro or Massage business?

Patient Lifetime Value is, very simply, the product of two variables:

  • Price: How much the service costs
  • Customer Retention: How long you can keep selling your product to a given customer.

As an example:

  • Your Netflix subscription costs you $10 per month
  • You cancel your subscription after 10 months of using the service
  • Netflix determines your Customer LTV is $100.

NEW Patient Retention Rate (NPRR). So what is NPRR it's the difference between the amount of visits a patient attends and the amount insurance approves.

For example:

  • The average patient at your clinic attends 7 visits
  • The average visits authorized by insurance is 10, meaning
  • Your physical therapy clinic NPRR is right around 70%.

Physical Therapy Clinic Marketing

Metrics You Must Measure If You Want To Achieve Massive Revenue Growth In Your Physical Therapy Practice.

We have generated over 150,000 leads for service based businesses like Physiotherapy Clinics. Our advice is based on our experience of generating new leads for physical therapy clinics.

Managing a physiotherapy business is challenging, you have to ensure that you have the equipment, well-trained employees and most importantly, get patients in order to grow your practice. If you don’t get patients, your business won’t grow and it will be difficult to achieve your growth goals.

SEO physiotherapy

While personal networking can get your first set of customers, the challenge is to keep getting new customers so that your business does not stagnate. The online and digital world is a powerful medium through which you can gain more customers, without shelling out a bomb for marketing.

Have a Website

SEO for medical clinics

Physiotherapist Website

First, you need to have a website. A website is your home base that helps you get customers. With it, you can spread the word through the online world on what are the various things you offer. It is vital that you build a website that leads users through various services that they might be interested in, and get them to convert.

You can get them to convert by either getting their contact information, having them call you, or have them to walk through your door. The final point of your website should be this – conversion.

Be Active on Social Media

social media physiotherapist

Social media platforms do two things.

  1. Tap into your current customers and their social circles:

By connecting with your current customers, you automatically touch upon their social circle. Through this, you are able to make their friends aware of your physiotherapy brand.

  1. Recall Value

By being active on social media, you improve recall value with your customers. This not only betters your chance of them coming back, but also increases the chance of them recommending your brand to someone else.

Become the Go-To Place

clinic marketing

Aim to make your website the go-to place of physiotherapy problems on the web. For that, you need to start blogging. Blogging is a wonderful way to get specialized information out on the web. You can post blog links on your social media pages and share them. Frequent blogging also helps improve your SEO rank and make your site more searchable on Google.

When you become the go-to place, your brand won’t just be valued for services, but also the information shared and readers will remember, and recommend, your brand.

SEO for medical clinic

For Normal People

A common misconception in the market is that physiotherapy is for athletes, accident victims, and disabled personnel. Your online marketing should focus on informing people that your physiotherapy clinic deals with all kinds of household health problems.


Ensure that your website and brochure have a healthy amount of testimonials. Testimonials are key to converting readers into customers. It’s a way to show what other customers think about your service, rather than you just harping about it.

Special Offers

Offering a discount is always a great way to attract and convert customers. One way to do it is through Groupon or another coupon site. Once you set up the special offer, it is vital that you take efforts to market it. This includes promoting it on social media and using PPC.

While you may be busy running your business, you should not miss out on marketing and attracting more customers.

Taking it to the next level

If you want to take your physiotherapy practice to the next level, then it is important that you maintain your existing customer base while acquiring more clients. However, with the increasing number of physiotherapists, the competition is only going to get intense. Therefore, attracting new clients for your physiotherapy practice is going to be difficult. In order to cut through the competition, get more clients and increase your revenue, digital marketing is the panacea for your physiotherapy practice. Different digital marketing platforms such as websites, social media, ad campaigns, etc. can help you increase your reach in the digital world and maximize your investment returns. At Rapid Boost Marketing, we have assisted multiple physiotherapy clients to expand and develop their practice through our digital marketing services. So, whether you are a sports physiotherapist, exercise physiotherapist, massage therapist or any other type of physiotherapist, here’s a list of digital marketing services that can be beneficial for your practice.

Web Development & Design for Physio Clinic

The first thing you need to do is have a well-designed physiotherapy website. A website is the most important thing that helps you to promote your practice, provide details about the same and gain online credibility. A good website must be compatible across various browsers and platforms with a mobile-friendly version available to cater to the changing preferences of internet surfing. Today, the maximum number of Google searches is done on mobile.

If a person is looking for physiotherapy services, then your website should be easily accessible on mobile. You need to ensure that:

  • your website loads quickly,
  • users are able to navigate through multiple webpages with ease,
  • the information can be easily viewed through different screen resolutions, and
  • images load quickly.

In fact, if your website has information about different physiotherapy exercises, then visuals play an important part in understanding the exercises. Image sizes on your website must be suitable for display on different browsers and platforms. Additionally, they should be placed in a way that they can easily be viewed along with the instructions provided in the form of text.

Websites also provide contact details that help customers get in touch with you. Some of your customers may want to book an appointment online and, therefore, your website should have a feature that allows customers to book appointments online. You may even out on potential customers if you do not have this feature. Our web development team takes into consideration all these necessary factors before designing your physiotherapy website. Thus, you can expect a great website structure and proper user experience for your physiotherapy website from Rapid Boost Marketing.

Our web developers analyze your website and create one that enhances user experience. Your website will look visually appealing and users will find it easy to navigate across multiple webpages on your site.

Rapid Boost Marketing considers the security of your website as an important aspect while designing. Your website can be hacked, data can become corrupt, technical errors can affect data, information can be lost, viruses may affect the traffic to your website, etc. Hence, it is necessary to keep your website virus-free and ensure that data is restorable from a recent backup version. For this purpose, we have a professional team that understands all the technical and security aspects required for a website. We ensure that your website is protected from cyber attacks, viruses, technical issues, and other website problems.

Physio Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Apart from creating a perfect website, which is a one-time job, we provide ongoing SEO services as well. With our SEO services, your website can improve its ranking on search results. We begin this process by researching on physiotherapy-related keyword phrases that people are searching for. Once the universe of related keyword phrases are listed, we select the most appropriate ones based on your target audience who are most likely to use your physiotherapy services. Accordingly, we create SEO-friendly content by using these keyword phrases. The next step is to optimize other elements in your content that include title tag, meta description tag, “alt tag” in images, adequate usage of keyword phrases, the length of your content, adding internal and external links, etc.

For example, there are multiple physiotherapy-related keywords that users type in the search query. It can include “physiotherapy exercises”, “physiotherapy treatment”, “physiotherapy meaning”, etc. We choose physiotherapy exercises” and “physiotherapy treatment” to develop SEO-friendly content. Our content team then creates topics related to these keyword phrases such as physiotherapy treatment for back pain, knee pain, frozen shoulder, etc. For each of these content pieces, we include the keyword “physiotherapy treatment” in the title tag, meta description tag, and within the content. Apart from including the keywords, other elements such as adding internal and external links and SEO-optimized images are considered as well. Now, when a person searches for physiotherapy treatment on search engines, your content gets featured on the first page of Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) for relevant searches. That is, if a person searches for “physiotherapy back treatment”, then your back treatment blog is likely to feature on SERPs. If he searches for physiotherapy treatment for knee pain, then your knee pain blog is more likely to feature. As a result, your web traffic increases and people become aware about your physiotherapy services. Moreover, it also helps you generate leads that can eventually be converted to clients for your services.

Content on your website is not the only requirement for SEO. Apart from creating SEO-friendly content, you need to consider multiple SEO factors. This includes having an updated sitemap and clean URL addresses, search engine submission, local listing, business reviews, and many others. Furthermore, you need to keep a track on regular search engines algorithm updates to ensure that your website is following all SEO best practices. SEO is a long process and you need a dedicated team to manage it on a daily basis. Rapid Boost Marketing provides a comprehensive list of SEO services to help you boost your website rankings and generate more relevant traffic to your website. SEO is the lifeline of digital marketing and at Rapid Boost Marketing, we offer our clients a high-quality and affordable SEO package that helps them achieve their marketing objectives, whether it is increasing traffic or generating leads for your physiotherapy services. Rapid Boost Marketing is a one-stop solution for all your SEO needs for all major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yandex and Yahoo.

Social Media Marketing for Physical Therapy Clinic

The use of social media to get in touch with your audience cannot be ignored. Social networking platforms help your brand communicate with customers through content and in the way you interact with them. By building brand awareness and increasing customer loyalty, you can enhance your brand image and get more clients. For physiotherapy clinics, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Snapchat are ideal to reach out to your audience.

Sharing posts on a daily basis is a good practice for any B2C business. Posts appear on your followers’ news feed and increase your touchpoints for customer engagement. However, creating content constantly for multiple platforms is a time-consuming and a challenging task. Moreover, different social media channels have a different audience type and so you need to have different content across different platforms. For example, on Instagram, you can add a video or an image that shows how to perform some exercises. Blogs cannot be posted on Instagram. Similarly, you need to tweet often on Twitter as compared to the frequency of posts on LinkedIn. Plus, if there are any questions or comments, you need to respond in a timely way. Hence, you need to have a professional social media team to manage your social media activity daily.

Rapid Boost Marketing’s social media team can help you manage all the different aspects of social media from content creation to engaging with your customers. We establish your business objectives, identify your target audience, create engaging and share-worthy content and finally integrate your social media with all other aspects of your digital presence. Additionally, we monitor your performance on all social media channels, conduct social media contests, and also help you design a customized profile for your physiotherapy brand. While customizing your profile, we provide the necessary details that will let people know about your physiotherapy services and provide an appealing look that will help attract new followers.

Rapid Boost Marketing conducts social media ad campaigns too. Social media advertising helps in getting more clients to avail your physiotherapy services and grow your practice. Our team is skilled and has a good knowledge on conducting social media ad campaigns for all the social media channels. We create social media strategies based on your objectives. Moreover, you get fully supported and managed social programs, blogger outreach, content planning and a host of social media services from us. By availing our social media services, you will see an improvement in the number of followers, re-tweets, shares, views and likes. Therefore, choosing our social media services will be beneficial to grow your physiotherapy practice.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaign Management for Physical Therapy Clinic

Conducting a PPC campaign allows you get new customers and grows your customer base. In order to conduct a PPC campaign, you need to understand the functioning of various PPC tools. This is key to make your campaign successful by helping you to prevent any mistakes that can potentially cost you money and branding mistakes. Our PPC campaign services include paid search advertising, PPC remarketing, social advertising, display advertising, and video advertising. Our paid search advertising helps you earn a positive Return on Investment (ROI). Our team will consult and guide you to spend money wisely and use this most targeted and cost effective form of advertising for effective results. PPC remarketing can help turn your potential customer into a loyal customer. When a person who has visited your physiotherapy website before or searched for any information on physiotherapy, it means that he/she is in need of that service. However, at times they may eventually forget about availing a physiotherapy service or may ignore their problems for whatever reasons. Through PPC remarketing, you can get hold of these potential clients by displaying your ad to them and re-engaging. Thus, if they are in need of a physiotherapy service, the repetitive ads may remind them to get in touch with you. Our professional team will help you create the right campaign to re-engage with these users who have expressed an interest in physiotherapy services in the past.

Display ads rely on elements such as images, and video to communicate an advertising message. We offer this service to increase your brand exposure, engagement, and improve your conversion rate. Rapid Boost Marketing helps you carry a successful campaign by managing your direct response campaigns and brand awareness campaigns. Moreover, we also assist you in managing your leads and converting them into your clients. Thus, from creating a PPC campaign to getting you more customers for your practice, we can help you throughout your PPC campaign process.

Apart from the above-mentioned services, Rapid Boost Marketing provides content marketing solutions to create valuable physiotherapy content for your audience, email and mobile marketing services to help you increase your reach and improve your conversion rate, and guide you in understanding different aspects of online marketing through our digital consultancy service. Therefore, if you want to begin with digital marketing for your physiotherapy practice in order to take it to the next level, do not hesitate to contact us. Our digital marketing services will help you achieve your objectives and expand your practice to new horizons.