Top 5 web analytic software's you can use to monitor your online traffic

Just creating a website or blog is not enough. You have to keep track of it, collect data on the traffic and analyze that data. This information will reflect the effects of many elements ranging from web design, digital marketing and content strategy on your site. In turn, this analysis will help you to create a better site, improve your digital marketing and focus on content that is popular. A really good analytical software will give you clear cut analysis and let you in on what’s working and what’s not.

So here are five analytical tools which you should consider using.

Google Analytics

Considering this is a Google product, you have to use it. If you’ve not used a web analytical software before, Google Analytics is good one to start with, especially since it’s free and gives relevant information. It highly focuses on real visitors and how they function on your site.  In addition, you’ll get plenty of fine tuned details such as:

–          Demographics: Age and gender.

–          Geography: From which countries are your visitors coming from.

–          Technical Information: The browsers and OS your visitors are coming from.

This sort of information is fantastic for determining your marketing strategy.

You won’t find a better software which gives you smooth synchronisation with your website.


The best advantage of Clicky is its real time capabilities. While Google Analytics gives you information on your traffic a day later, Clicky’s dashboard lets on what’s happening on your site now. This is possible because of the Clikcy Analytics Spy which easily measures and gives an overview of the traffic. Also, the app has a useful API (Application Programming Interface) feature which allows you to store information into it by using their internal logging data. One way to use it is by adding an onclick handler to the ‘Submit Comment’ button. However, Clicky does have some speed performance issues, but this is improving. Clicky has a Free and Pro option, if you’re willing to spend, then Clicky Pro is worth your money.

Mint Analytics

While other analytics softwares are very focused on data, Mint presents you a stylish interface, if you’re looking for a good looking analytical software. It shows you relevant data in a quick manner. Mint follows a ‘less is more’ formula, but at times, you may find the information lacking. The basic functions of Mint can be extended through modules called Peppers. They are basically plugin or add-ons from third parties.

The best part about Mint Analytics is that you only have to pay for it once to use. However, on the downside, Mint lacks tracking bounce rates, time on site and other useful metrics.

Church Analytics

Church Analytics has a real time feature which makes sure you know what’s happening to your site immediately. The software gives you information that is useful and completely does away with any vanity data. In addition, this is one of the most user friendly interfaces you’ll find out there. The dashboard is really easy to follow. The Comparison graph is fantastic and you can easily adjust it to get information on your visitors.


If you’ve been reading up on digital marketing, you’ve probably come across this name. KISSmetrics also has an analytical software of the same name. It’s really great for gathering information on your visitor and getting to know them. The information provided is very accurate. Its installation is lighter meaning it won’t cause additional load on your site. If you’re running an e-commerce site, you won’t find a more helpful analytical software. It has a great way of keep track of sales.

Web analytical softwares can be a daunting task to learn, so focus on what sort of information you need and ease of use you want before you dive in.