Ultimate AI and Machine Learning Marketing Tools List

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There are thousands or even millions of businesses across the world. And all the business owners want to get a competitive edge over the others. They build marketing strategies to promote their products and get their leg up on the competition. There are several marketing tools that can help you build and execute your marketing strategies. But there are some tools that use technologies like AI and machine learning to provide enhanced features and services to users. In fact, a study conducted by smart insights on digital marketing trends ranked AI and machine learning third in the list of marketing activities that will have the most commercial impact on businesses in 2018. And as a business owner or marketer, it is important to have the knowledge of all the machine learning and AI marketing tools available. And to help you get a better understanding of these tools, we present to you the ultimate AI and machine learning marketing tools list. But, first things first. Before diving deep into the ultimate list, let’s understand what AI and machine learning are.

AI, short for artificial intelligence, refers to the intelligence demonstrated by machines. It enables machines to emulate and mimic human intelligence and their actions. It is basically used to automate machine operations so that no human intervention is required. Machine learning is a subset of AI that is often used interchangeably with the latter. It enables computer systems to learn and improve on their own without a need for explicit programming.

Now, since we are aware of what AI and machine learning basically are, let’s head towards how incorporating these technologies into marketing tools can help you promote your products and services.

Leveraging AI and machine learning for marketing

Machine learning and AI marketing tools allow business owners and marketers to easily develop and execute marketing strategies based on analytics.


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X.ai is among the many AI marketing tools that are used for scheduling meets. It connects with the calendar of the user and the customers and enables selecting time slots for meetings. Once the calendar is connected, it allows the user to choose time and date preferences. Users can then share their x.ai links with their customers. By clicking on the link, customers can view users’ preferences. And, then customers can select from the time slots to schedule the meet. Customers also have an option to connect their calendars with the URL. This will eliminate the need for manually selecting the meeting time slots. AI will compare the time slots from both users’ and customers’ calendars, and choose the most appropriate timing for meetings.

The key features of x.ai are:

  • Auto-responder without any need for human intervention
  • Outlook, Office 365, and Google calendar integration
  • Meeting tracker to track participants who are missing the meet
  • Cloud-based deployment for enhanced security, collaboration, and disaster recovery
  • Unlimited calendars integration
  • Zapier integration to integrate with other apps such as Salesforce, Greenhouse, Google sheets, and Trello

Businesses can choose between three different x.ai plans: the free, individual, and team plan. The pricing of all the plans is influenced by the features included in them. Monthly charges of the individual and team plans are US$ 10.00 and US$ 15.00, respectively. Due to the simplicity of use, X.ai doesn’t provide many resources for its users, like many other AI marketing tools. But it has a support team to help the users who have questions regarding the use and implementations of X.aiMany


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Businesses can leverage social media platforms in many different ways. For instance, those who want to know what people are saying about their brands can monitor social media posts and interactions. And, those who want to reach a large set of an audience can use social media advertising. Social media has now become a major platform for businesses to reach a wide variety of customers. Facebook is the biggest social media platform, with the most number of active users. According to Statista, there were almost 2.5 billion monthly active users as of the fourth quarter of 2019. Hence, it becomes a medium to reach the largest number of social media users. ManyChat is one of the AI marketing tools that help to create Facebook messengers.

ManyChat offers a simple to use user interface to create messenger bots based on the needs of businesses. Businesses can leverage ManyChat to develop their own messenger chatbot without a need for an IT team.

Key features of ManyChat are:

  • Pre-built templates based on different industries and businesses
  • Simple drag and drop feature to easily create personalized messenger bots
  • APIs to integrate with almost every big and small third party applications like Shopify, Zapier, MailChimp, PayPal, and others
  • Advanced segmentation of customers based on the actions they take inside ManyChat’s messenger bot
  • Email marketing option to send automated emails to customers who opt-in through ManyChat messenger bot
  • Growth tool to automatically convert people who comment on Facebook posts into email subscribers

ManyChat offers a free and a pro subscription plan. The free version offers access to limited features, and the pro plan provides access to all the features of ManyChat. The pro plan costs based on the number of subscribers. The basic pro plan allows businesses to engage 500 subscribers per month for US$ 10.00 per month. And the price increases with an increase in the number of subscribers. It provides a free video tutorial to users to help them learn how to leverage ManyChat and all its features. It also provides other resources like a blog and an online support team.


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Another AI among many marketing tools is Cortex. It is a social media marketing tool that can generate automated content using AI and machine learning. Cortex is built to support every step of content creation. Remember the importance of case studies that we discussed earlier? Cortex is a marketing tool that can help you create such detailed case studies for promoting your products. It uses AI and machine learning to self-learn from data sets and creates automated engaging content based on social media trends. Cortex’s AI bots constantly monitor data points from 35,000 brands to gain insights about what type of content is engaging more customers by identifying patterns in customers’ behavior.

The features of Cortex include:

  • Understand social media trends to create an automated template for optimal social media use
  • Social media publishing calendar to schedule posts
  • Streamlined analytics to view what content is performing better
  • Competitive intelligence to understand social media platform trends
  • Automated content creation based on texts, images, hashtags, and templates that customers want
  • Cortex predicts the optimal spending on advertising with the help of AI
  • Data-driven marketing strategy for attracting more customers

The pricing of Cortex depends on the features a customer wants. There is no specific pricing list. In fact, the optimal price is determined by using AI, based on the list of features included in the tool. It’s resources like blog, press, and company news helps businesses and other individual users to be aware of the latest happenings of Cortex tool.


Once a business gets a lead, the next task is to convert it into sales. One way to convert leads into sales is by meeting them and showing a demo of your products. And the other cost-effective way is to call them and promote your product. Cogito is one of the most cost-effective AI marketing tools for telemarketing. Cogito is a telemarketing tool that uses AI to provide real-time conversational guidance. It uses emotional intelligence to detect the emotional status of customers and provide live assistance to sales representatives to improve the quality of every interaction.

Key features of Cogito:

  • In-call speaking guide to assist sales agents in speaking with optimal energy, empathy, participation, tone, and pace
  • Live call monitoring for supervisors to analyze sales agents’ performance
  • Analytics dashboard to extract information from every call
  • Self-learning ability to learn from each interaction
  • Predictive intelligence to learn early signs of customers’ intent to purchase or frustration
  • User-friendly interface for easy learning
  • Cloud-based deployment and APIs for easy integration with enterprise systems

You’ll have to contact Cogito to get the pricing as there is no specific price list given. Cogito, amongst a few other AI marketing tools, offers free resources like case studies, infographics, e-books, product brochures, and blogs. These resources help its users to learn how to operate and leverage Cogito.

Dynamic Yield

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Personalization is slowly but steadily becoming the key to success for businesses. Customers expect businesses to provide personalized services to them. And they themselves are actively participating in making this possible for companies. A report by INC says that 61% of Americans are willing to share their personal information for personalized marketing communications. Dynamic Yield is an omnichannel personalization platform that enables businesses to provide personalized marketing communications to their customers. It is one of the AI marketing tools that use machine learning to segment customers into different groups. It then assists businesses to bring the personalization vision to reality. For instance, Dynamic Yield can know that a viewer of a web page is from the USA and has arrived at that web page through a Google organic search. It uses AI and machine learning to segment customers and provides personalized recommendations.

Dynamic Yield features include:

  • Customer data management system to build complex segmentation and targeting rules
  • Easily identify and personalize anonymous users
  • Machine learning algorithms to provide personalized recommendations for products, content, emails, and other
  • Leverage real-time behavioral data and patterns to send tailored messages and emails
  • Pre-built marketing strategies for different industries
  • Pre-schedule text notifications and messages on mobile apps and emails
  • Target audience based on their behavioral patterns

Dynamic Yield provides customized solutions based on business needs. Hence, there are no pre-set pricing plans for Dynamic Yield’s tools. Similar to many other AI marketing tools, Dynamic Yield also offers resources like a blog, webinars, case studies, guides, and reports.


Conversica provides AI assistants that can deliver a personalized human touch to increase the generation of leads. It also helps to convert leads into sales by automatically contacting, engaging, and following up with leads. The assistant uses machine learning to self-learn and improve communications with each conversation. Conversica AI assistants help to determine the qualified sales opportunities based on customers’ historical purchases.

The features of Conversica include:

  • Engage demand to send automated first point of contact to engage prospects
  • Pre-event outreach to drive attendees to events
  • Constant contact with leads to convert them into sales
  • Post-event engagement to keep in touch with attendees after an event
  • Cultivate proactive approach to reach prospects that showed interest but not requested any form of contact

Conversica offers 8 skills in their AI assistants. The pricing depends on the number of skills requested by businesses. Similar to some other AI marketing tools, it provides resources like case studies, e-books, infographics, videos, and a few more.

Seventh Sense

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One of the most effective and low budget options for marketing is through emails. And it's also a way to reach a mass audience. According to an email statistics report by Radicati Group, there were over 3.8 billion email users worldwide. And the same report estimates that the number will grow to over 4.2 billion by 2022. Plus, it offers a huge ROI on investment. And that's because most of the emails are sent to those who are already interested in buying. People would not provide an email address until they are not interested in buying the product. That means half of the task of converting leads into sales is already completed. Hence, AI marketing tools for email marketing have become one of the most important parts of lists of marketing tools. The Seventh Sense is amongst the machine learning and AI marketing tools for enhancing email marketing strategies.

Seventh Sense uses machine learning and AI to detect the ideal time to send an email to a customer. It helps to deliver emails at personalized preferred timings.

Features of Seventh Sense include:

  • Send time optimization to deliver emails to individuals based on their most optimal engagement time
  • Seamless Google apps integrations
  • Audience engagement reports that help AI to predict the ideal time for sending emails
  • Enables data extraction and information sharing among various departments of a business

The Seventh Sense comes with four different plans. The prices of various plans depend on the number of emails provided. The price of the basic plan is US$ 149.00/ month and includes upto 20,000 contacts. The standard plan costs US$ 399.00/month and allows adding upto 70,000 contacts. The pro plan allows adding upto 300,000 emails and costs US$ 999.00/month. The last plan is the enterprise plan, which is customizable and requires contacting the Seventh Sense sales team.

It offers resources such as case studies, e-books, infographics, solution guides, and blogs that help businesses understand the functioning of Seventh Sense tools.


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Video marketing is an important part of almost every business’s marketing strategy. And why not, it is the most preferred content type for consumers. According to a study by Hubspot, 54% of consumers prefer to watch brand videos to other types of content. And it’s not just about preference, videos also boost conversions and sales. That’s what the numbers say. A recent survey from Wyzowl reveals that 89% of video marketers say it gives them a good ROI. The same survey says that 95% of video marketers plan to increase or maintain their spending on videos in 2020. There are several Ai marketing tools that can help create engaging videos according to every business need. One such AI marketing tool is Lumen5.

Lumen5 uses AI and machine learning with a simple drag and drop interface to help create professional video content in minutes. It allows businesses to drag the selected text into videos. And then, with the help of natural language processing, it automatically suggests a background image based on the text.

Features of Lumen5 includes:

  • Easily transform text content into video content
  • Automatically creates video based on the content of link entered using computer vision to scan and understand the text content
  • Simply connect to RSS feeds and have automatically generated videos every day
  • AI determines the ample scene length based on the text
  • Automatically calculates the positioning of text based on the composition of media files
  • Thousands of pre-built video clips, still images, and music library to choose media files

Lumen5 offers four plans to choose from, which are the starter, premium, business, and enterprise plan. The costs of the first three plans are US$ 19.00/month, US$ 49.00/month, US$ 149.00/month, respectively. The enterprise plan is a custom plan which is billed annually and requires businesses to contact the sales team for the best prices. It also provides resources like product blogs, support pages, and video tutorials to provide knowledge of their products to users.


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Content marketing is one of the best ways to promote products. According to a survey by Content Marketing Institute (CMI), 91% of B2B marketers use content marketing. Acrolinx is one of the AI marketing tools that can help businesses to develop optimal content marketing strategies. It is a provider of scalable AI solutions for content creation. Acrolinx captures every communication of your business with the help of computer vision. Computer vision enables the Acrolinx tool to scan every communication and detect patterns in it. And then, it aligns your communications guidelines and marketing strategies with previous content to suggest the best content. By aligning strategies with content, it helps create the right content that can easily attract customers for businesses.

The features of Acrolinx are:

  • Captures and stores every minute detail of a communication right from company-specific words to variations in different marketing campaigns
  • Improves with time by self-learning from previous campaigns
  • Provides real-time feedback while creating content
  • Analyses of trends, quality, improvement metrics, and more to help create finely tuned content
  • Guidance Wizard to preset style guides, grammar preferences, and text tone
  • Content analyzer to extract information from existing content
  • Easy integration with other marketing tools like Adobe InCopy, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and others
  • Minimize the time required for editorial processes
  • Reduces content misuse and illegal disclosure by assisting in creating content with the most up-to-date language and guidelines

Acrolinx provides customized software tools for all businesses. Hence, there are no pre-set subscription plans. Like many other machine learning and AI marketing tools, Acrolinx offers several free and paid resources. Some of the resources that it provides are e-books, brochures, reports, guides, case studies, and webinars.

Acquisio Turing

The last name on our ultimate list of AI marketing tools is Acquisio Turing. Acquisio Turing is a social media PPC (pay per click) advertising management tool. It uses AI and machine learning to simplify the complex PPC management across all the social media platforms. By constantly monitoring several advertising platforms, Acquisio Turing self-learns to surpass its own intelligence daily. It uses 30+ AI and machine learning algorithms to optimize the spend on advertising. The algorithms consider advertising campaign data like seasonality, day of the week, time of day, location, ad platform, and other such data points to serve accurate bids and budget management decisions.

Acquisio Turing tool's key features include:

  • PPC ad management across all social media platforms
  • A simplified user interface that enables fine-tuning of algorithms as per customers' needs
  • Pre-set advertising templates for different social media platforms to save time
  • Power cloner to copy Google ad campaigns to other search engines in one click
  • Easy setup of custom KPIs (key performance indicators)
  • Ad extension manager to enable cross-platform ability
  • Ad builder to create and edit ads across many files from one dashboard
  • AI-powered budget distribution for ad display on various search engines
  • APIs to integrate with data connectors and add ons

Acquisio Turing offers a flexible pricing model. It offers an ideal plan for all the types and sizes of businesses. The pricing depends on the amount of monthly ad spend, the number of social media accounts managed, and the term of the contract. Businesses can select the package and features they need. Thereafter they have to send an email to Acquisio Turing to get the pricing. Similar to a few other AI marketing tools, Acquisio Turing also offers certain paid and free resources. Resources offered by Acquisio Turing include webinars, e-books, success stories, and blogs.

That brings us to the end of our ultimate list of AI marketing tools. If you can optimally use such marketing tools, then your products will surely attract a wide range of leads. And, the machine learning and AI marketing tools will help you convert those leads into customers.