How to Use Google Analytics for Your Business

While starting your business website or blog, you may not get the results that you are expecting. You begin to wonder if your website lacks something. Is your business not that great? Or is your blog not informative enough? These questions might hinder the actual issue behind it all. Is your website or blog reaching the right audience? If yes, is it keeping them interested? You might not want to fret over this because the answer lies in Google Analytics or GA.

According to the survey done by w3techs, Google Analytics is used by 56.7% of websites. Google Analytics for business can help grow your business by giving you numerous insights about your website and telling you your shortcomings statistically.

So, it is essential to learn and use Google Analytics for business for two main reasons:

To measure up to the competition

Other websites from the same industry as yours might contain certain elements that your website lacks. You can check which keywords draw attention to your website or which source are your visitors coming from to help you plan better.

To Understand your Website Traffic

While Google Analytics might not provide you with extensive data, it gives you a precise one. For example, with data analytics, you can figure out whether to improve your keyword choices or your website speed. The vital parts that could boost your business are:

1) Real-Time Report

This overview contains the fundamentals. Active users, total visited users, visit duration on sight, geographical location of users by countries as well as users by time of the day can be detected by using GA and you can improve your performance accordingly.

2) Audience Report

This report provides the target audience's age, demography, technology used and general behavior. You can use this information to create more relevant and targeted content for your website/blog.

3) Customer Acquisition

Customer acquisition shows the source from where your audiences landed on your website. It can help you strategize your website in the right direction of marketing, resulting in a greater amount of conversions. Additionally, it can help you with your SEO and UX/UI strategies and augment them accordingly.

4) Customise Alerts

Any fluctuations in your website can be alerted by GA. Set up an alert as per your need; it could be a dip in traffic or any other purpose that is significant to you and your website.

5) Behavior Reports

This report shows contents like the most to the least traffic on any topic, segment or page of your website. It can recall the growth or reduction of traffic over any period of time. It also shows the last page a user visited before leaving your website, which helps you analyze the reason users are logging off.

Google Analytics for business might look complicated but having a firm hand of marketing backing your website, your business would flourish to new heights. Rapid Boost Marketing can grow your business website through optimum strategy and creativity to attract an audience like no other. Reach out to us if you wish to stand out in this ever-evolving digital landscape.