What can a dentist do to get more patients in 2017?

Let's cut to the chase! Here’s what you need to know as a Dentist (New patient files matter things like traffic, rankings, views etc. don't translate to dollars)Your Positioning (Don't be just another Dental clinic in the neighbourhood) Are you an orthodontist, neighbourhood general dentist, or are you an emergency dental clinic or teeth whitening specialist? If you can position yourself very clearly you will gain more traction and convert more clients. Some dental clinics now have multiple website targeting different areas of dentistry and niches in order to convert more potential patients


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Your clinic's positioning is critical for your conversion rates and building clinic's brand locally. There is a reason we don't prefer to buy coffee from Wendy's and we go-to Tim Hortons or Starbucks because they specialize in that.  Make sure your dental clinic is not like other hundreds of other local clinic in the neighbourhood. Your differentiation will help you position your brand locally.

Get found on the Web (Be visible at the right time)

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Having a Google Plus page, My Business profile and social media presence is definitely a must now, not an option. If a potential customer Googles you (Or searches for your services on search engines), you want your dental practice to be found. Furthermore, Google Plus and other social media pages allow for users to leave reviews for your business where you can build credibility, so if have got good ratings and reviews, there is a higher chance that the potential customer will make an appointment and you will see a higher conversion ratio.

You should also have a website which is easy to navigate and answers all the questions and concerns a potential customer may have. It should have an online appointment booking system.

Is your dental clinic's website Google and Bing optimized?

Is your website google compliant?

See if your website is optimized

Make People Aware (Earned Media)

- Banner Ads: You can buy banner ads online (Search, Social and Behavioral). If a potential customer goes to your competitors website they will start seeing your ads everywhere. Also, you can geo target on mobile and facebook to potential customers in your area.

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- Dental Social Media: Let your business’s presence be felt on social media. You can also have affordable ads on social media that target people based on their interests, age and location (an effective way to reach out to your target audience).

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- Personal Contacts and email marketing: If you are setting yourself up in your hometown, then network through the people you know and get them to spread the word friends and family are the first ones. Email marketing is an amazing tool which is under utilized to reach out for your grand launch or introducing a new service or dentist at your practice.

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These three are just some of the easy and cheap ways you can make people aware.

Create Memories

More than anything, the best strategy you have, to get more patients, is through the patients you already have. For that, you have to give your patients memories that they love and they will tell other people.

Of course, you don’t want to create a memory like Mr. Bean and his dental appointment, but, something pleasant and heart-warming should do.

From the moment an appointment is made, to waiting in your reception area, to finally entering your dental room, to the drilling and dental what–not, you need to provide a pleasant and memorable experience. All in all, you show them that you are a caring dentist.

Make an Offer (Landing Pages)

It doesn’t hurt to occasionally make offers to your patients. It could be in the form of free whitening kits, discounts or a free check-up. People like offers and they like to know when you have one. The next step is to make them aware of the offer.

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The more you market your dental business, the better you will get at it, and the larger your patient circle will grow. These points are just the starting ones to help you get started in 2017.

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