When is The Best Time & Day To Send Email Marketing Campaigns

We at Rapid Boost often get asked, when is the best time to send our email campaign or what day works the best. Also, questions like should I send educational emails, or actionable emails or product specials. We will be answering some of these questions. Finding answers to these questions is critical for your email marketing success. Example:23% people will open the email in first hour and less than 1% after 15 hours. Your email marketing campaign life cycle is short, so timing is critical.

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Best time to send an email?

According to Mailchimp study:


Best time to send: 2 pm. But test it out for your list. Getresponse have a feature which I use often it finds out the optimal time for each contact and sends the emails in batches. 8 to to 10 am is one of the worst times as in the morning your inbox is full of emails. So, your email might get ignored.

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Also, studies have found that noe over 54% of the emails are opened on mobile devices. Experian’s quarterly email marketing benchmark release showed that 54% of emails are now opened on a mobile device, and a 2016 ExactTarget mobile behavior report found mobile activity peaks between 9pm to 12am.

Best date to send an email campaign?

Weekdays get the most number of emails. Tuesday and Wednesday is when most amount of emails are being sent. But I always love weekends, and here is why:

email marketing best time
email marketing best time

On weekends we tend to get less emails and it has created a great opportunity for businesses to engage people on the weekends. Data from Harland Clarke also supports this. 26.9% of emails were sent on Wednesdays, recipients viewed only 15.6% of those emails, whereas Saturday (a day when only 5.5% of emails were sent), they viewed 32.5%.

Timing isn't everything

Write Right Headlines: Beside the right time and date you need to make sure your email headline and copy is top notch. It's like you send an email which doesn't meet the expectations of your subscriber they will eventually not open it and going to unsubscribe it.

Frequency: How often are you sending them an email. Don't be like a family member who shows up randomly. Have a  schedule for your campaign, so your subscribers know when to expect your email. It's like you wait for a TV show on Saturday at 9 pm and there is no show, you won't like it. Similarly build consistency in your frequency.

Is your List Clean? If your list is not clean, which means it's not acquired through opt-ins or has a very low CTR ratio then you need to review your list. There is a service called Neverbounce they help you with email verification and cleaning services.

Open Rates: Does your email open rate suck? Checkout your industry average and find out if you are doing better or worse than your competitors.

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