Your Guide to Generate More B2B Leads

B2B lead generation is when your marketing and sales teams collaborate to find potential customers and put efforts into converting them into your business customers. If you have ever heard that B2B is quite easy, then this might burst your bubble. Generating B2B leads takes consistent efforts and immaculate strategies to convert. Here are a number of things that will help you with your lead generation prospects:

1) Optimize Web Pages for Conversion

People invest a great chunk of their time on the internet, and thus, it is understandable that you would want to attract them to your website. However, as much as you would like to pull in a great audience to your website, generating traffic is just not enough. You need to convert the traffic to leads. Putting efforts into optimizing your website not only for generating traffic but also converting them to leads will take your business a long way.

Understand what your audience is looking for through keywords and phrases, such as the type of product they want or the problems that they face. This can help you figure out a better structure and content for your website, which will answer their burning questions. Once they land on your page, you can also focus on giving them the best user experience. This helps people form a positive perspective about your website and keeps them coming back.

2) Run a Contest

Running a contest has more depth in generating leads than it has been let on. A contest is a direct interaction with the audience whom you want to convert into customers. Plus, it can be done in more than one way. Say you are hosting a giveaway and you have gathered 70-something individuals. Here is an opportunity where you can increase the number of participants by informing the minimum number of participants, such as 100. Now the 70 participants will do their work in bringing in the extra 30, or even more. This is one of the simplest ways to expand your reach, provided your contest gives the prize worth investing the audience’s time in.

You can also host multiple giveaways through which you can gain relevant information about the audience via web forms. Something as simple as a challenge or participation in fun hashtags such as #WorkFromHomeFood can attract the audience to you.

3) Optimize Content for Organic Leads

Great content paired with SEO can flare up your lead generation substantially. Using keywords that you are sure will get your target audience hooked will boost your website to a much higher rank on Google. Make use of SEO relevant tools such as Google Analytics or Serpstat that will help you enhance your website content and optimize your SEO. Moreover, your page speed also acts as a crucial factor for SEO. If you want to keep up with the current fast paced world, ensure a speedy website. If your audience gets stuck on your website, they might lose interest quickly. Ensure that your website navigation is easy to use so that your audience can surf through seamlessly.

4) Answer Questions on Quora

Quora is a great platform to seek out potential leads. Look for question on problems your audience is facing and provide your expertise.  out the questions that your potential leads face, relate to your area of expertise. This is one the most economical yet fruitful method of brand awareness. With a steady pace, you will see a rise in engagement and thus, leads.

5) Invest in Paid Marketing

To get ore traction on your website, you may opt for paid traffic that will attract and lead potential buyers to your website. Your paid traffic will allow you to display a lead generating form that will eventually help you filter your potential customers that you want to engage with by segregating them through data enrichment tools to find out their geography, demography, age and more.

There are more than 19 million Facebook users in Canada and even more on Instagram, and by well-tailored marketing with respect to every platform, you can generate social media leads effectively. Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter allow you to invest in paid advertising through ads that will redirect leads to a form to acquire their details.

Lead generation takes planning and patience that will lead to a flourishing business. However, you would move at a minimal pace if you don't have guidance about implementing marketing strategies. This is why Rapid Boost Marketing takes the baton and helps you through your B2B business to not only generate more leads but also affix them as your brand’s new customers. Reach out to us today.