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What is chatroulette clone?

Chatroulette clone is an online solution that includes almost all the basic functionalities of the popular random video chat platform, Chatroulette. So, building a feature-packed random video chat app with impressive features and within your budget will be quite an easy task when you make use of a ready-to-use and uniquely crafted chatroulette clone script.

Purposefully built for launching your random video chat app

Our team of experts at Rapidboost developed chatroulette clone using a scalable, robust algorithm to quicksort random user IDs that are picked first and then carry on the process with Monte Carlo and Las Vegas algorithms to handle the subsequent users with the minimum waiting time.

Rapidboost Randou
Technology-packed and innovation rich video chat app script

There are more features than just a SWIPE

Our chatroulette clone is built with the random ‘Swipe, Match, Chat’ functionality to ease the entire process of video chatting.

So, users can just swipe the screen to start the video call with the random match instantly.

There are also various cool features to provide an engaging platform for app users.

Your partner from SCRATCH to SWIPE

There is no doubt that the users on our chatroulette clone can enjoy fun-filled and high-quality live conversations and video chats with their preferred matches.

Rapidboost Randou product is perfectly designed for building an all-inclusive dating platform where users can make friendships with people all around the world and can connect with them straight away.


Everything is designed, only a few are mastered well, Our script is entirely crafted using the latest technologies.

Grow faster with Rapidboost Randou
Highly scalable features with everything you need to run & grow your

Video & Voice Chat

Video Chat

To get connected with other people and to make a video call, users have to spend their gems. Our chatroulette clone also allows users to handle video calls with their followers/followings easily by just swiping up and down. So, users can have an instant video chat with their preferred matches without the need to search for them again.

Voice Chat

Using the advanced voice chat feature of our chatroulette clone, users of the app can get connected with their preferred matches instantly. This feature will greatly impress users as it allows them to have seamless voice chat with the random matches whenever required.

Discover and Connect

Discover and Connect

Our chatroulette clone enables the users to like a particular person’s profile by just swiping right over that profile. Similarly, they can swipe left over a profile to dislike it.


If a user likes the profile of any other user and his/her profile is also liked by that particular user, then the profiles of these two users will be matched and they can start to have a video or voice chat immediately

Who likes me

With this interesting feature of our chatroulette clone, users can know the details of other users who liked his/her profile. But, only the premium users can view the complete profile details of all other users who liked their profiles. The normal users can see the profile of only a limited number of users and all other remaining profile details will be blurred out. So, the user has to subscribe to premium membership plans to view these blurred out profile details.


Users can search and filter the matches based on gender, location, and age limit with the highly advanced filter option of our chatroulette clone. So, users can then make their selection from the filtered results and can also like/dislike the selected user’s profile.

Scan users by QR code

Scan users by QR code

The user of the app can use the ‘Share QR code’ option available on the profile page to share his/her profile in the QR code format with the preferred contacts on the social media platforms. Similarly, nearby users can get connected instantly by using the ‘Show QR code’ option on the profile page. Users can also use the user name to search for a particular profile on Randou.


Free Gems

After the successful registration process, new users will get a certain amount of free gems. The users can also then get more gems by watching promotional videos with which they can make in-app purchases.

Gems store

In our chatroulette clone, users have an option to purchase gems by using different payment methods such as debit/credit cards. The purchased gems will be then added to the user’s account which can then be used to make video calls and to access additional features in the app.


Gifts store

In our chatroulette clone, users can use their earned gems to purchase gifts from the gifts store. During a video call, users can send these purchased gifts to other people to surprise them.

Convert gifts to gems

With this beneficial feature of our chatroulette clone script, users can convert the gifts they have so far into gems which they can utilize it to make video calls or for any other activities.

Withdraw money

As a user-friendly app, our chatroulette clone provides a more convenient option for the users to convert the gifts they have received into money easily through various payment gateways that are integrated into our app.


Live Chat

Our chatroulette clone provides a smooth platform for the users to have a quick live chat with their matches by sending them text messages. Users are also provided with My chats option and appealing chat screens to view and chat readily.

Image sharing

Users can just tap the image sharing icon on the screen to send innumerable images to their matches and thereby making the conversation much more funfilled.

Online status

In our chatroulette clone app, users can view the online status of their contacts, i.e. ‘online’ indicates that your contact is currently online and ‘last seen’ shows the last time your contact was online.


If the user wishes to block any contact for some personal reasons, our app allows to do the same effortlessly. Once contact is blocked by a user, he/she will not be able to see that particular contact’s online status and cannot make a call to them.

Prime Members


Prime members of our Chatroulette clone can enjoy discounts on in-app purchases, gems, etc. With the discounts feature, business owners can have complete control over the promotional activities and other monetization features within the app.

Privacy controls

With this most wanted feature of chatroulette clone, users can hide their age; can make necessary adjustments on message settings, ad settings, can manage activity controls, etc.

Camera swap

Users with prime membership can switch camera views in the app to improve video calls. They can swap the camera from from-facing to rear-facing and vice versa whenever required.

Search priority

Users can be connected randomly with other people by setting up their personal choices. This is the place where our Rapidboost Randou shows prime users on the search of other users.

Video moderation


Make sure that the chatroulette clone application is wholly safe to use with this striking feature. Our chatroulette clone app will block a user immediately for 24 hours in case he/she is involved in any undesirable activity during the video call.


If the user reports the other user during a chat, this interesting feature captures the screenshot of both the users and sends it to Admin to take the decision and further action on the respective user.

Referral programs

Invite friends

Our chatroulette clone allows users to earn more gems by inviting their friends to join the app. So, the number of app users will also increase eventually with more reference day-by-day.


Users of our app can get more chances of earning gems by watching promotional ad videos or by inviting their friends. These earned gems can be then used for purchasing gifts and to get benefit from other additional features of the app.

Admin announcements

Admin announcements

Admin can make use of the highly-advanced notification techniques of our Chatroulette clone in order to inform the users then and there regarding any security updates, app updates and other important details with no delay.


Notification controls

Our chatroulette clone allows users to manage notification settings. If the users feel that they don’t want to receive notifications from their followers, they can also block those notifications.

Profile Controls

Our chatroulette clone allows users to manage their profiles effectively and to make the decision on what they want to share with other people.

Exciting features and more

One hand feature

It is one of the coolest features of Rapidboost Randou. Users can just swipe to start a video call, live chat, etc within our user-friendly and visually stunning app.


Our app allows users to create account easily in a few simple steps either by using their phone number with OTP verification or through their Facebook credentials.

Recent History

With this feature, users can see all video chats that they have done recently. So, they can easily make a video call or can have a live chat with those users and can also clear recent chats if required.


Users can make their conversations more engaging and interesting by sending stickers during the chat instead of just having only a text conversation.

Video Blur option

During the video chat, if the user prefers to blur his image for any security reasons, he/she can make use of the video blur option available on the chat screen. So, with this Video blur feature of our chatroulette clone, you can ensure security for the users on the random video chat platform

App lock

For app protection, our chatroulette clone makes use of the system lock by default. Therefore, the pattern, password, PIN or fingerprint lock that is already set by the user for the system protection will be used as an app lock for Randou application

Web application

Notification controls

Our chatroulette clone comes with an elegant landing page to attract more users within a short span of time. So, it is of no surprise that our visually stunning and smooth platform will grab more eyeballs and drive more conversions.

Profile Controls

As the platform is built with responsive and professional looking designs with an innovative approach, it can easily adjust to various devices and screen sizes at ease. So, users will be more likely to use the app for having a random video chat.


Instant Dashboard

Prime members of our Chatroulette clone can enjoy discounts on in-app purchases, gems, etc. With the discounts feature, business owners can have complete control over the promotional activities and other monetization features within the app.


In our app, eye-catching and informative graphical charts are used to provide the analytics and key metrics to boost your business growth rate.

Security and Reliability

Our chatroulette clone provides the most reliable and secure platform for the users to have an uninterrupted and private conversation with other people. This, in turn, will enhance customer confidence.

No-fuss Admin platform

Admin can manage all the users, commission details, purchases done within the app, app usage reports, etc in a hassle-free manner with a robust platform. They can integrate significant third-party app services into the platform and can maintain those implementations smoothly and conveniently.

Customization / Changes

If you want any of the features to be modified or included in the product or if you are looking for some fresh concepts in the product, you can make a request and approach our team to get the required customization support.


Revenue Factor

To thrive, all businesses must focus on the art of Revenue making.


App users have to spend gems in order to get connected with their matches, to send gifts and to utilize some additional beneficial features of the app. Users can purchase gems from gems store in case there are inadequate gems. Admin can make money when the user purchases Gems.

Prime membership

Users with prime membership in our chatroulette clone can make instant video calls with preferred matches anytime, can avail discounts while purchasing gifts and while doing in-app purchases, can switch camera views to enrich video calls, etc. Admin can earn revenue when users subscribe to prime membership in the app.

Google Adsense

You can create a Google Adsense account to run advertisements on your platform and thereby making money from it.

Promotional in-video Ad

App users watch promotional in-app videos to earn more free gems. Admin can earn revenue by running these promotional ad videos in the app as they get a certain commission amount for each and every view by the users.

Converting gifts

Whenever a user converts the gifts into gems or money, Admin will get a commission and
this also adds to his/her revenue generation.

Web & App Demo

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see their extended vision of their own needs.


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Rapidboost Randou is a user-friendly app that allows users to log in to the app easily in a few simple steps. It also allows app users to create attractive profiles and thereby having a video chat with their preferred matches quickly. Try this demo video to understand its working process.

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Chat translation

Enable the users to view the chat conversations in their preferred language with the help of Google translator in chatroulette clone. Boost the user interaction in your platform by eliminating language barriers with this top-notch chat translation technology.

Emojis and GIFs in chat

Avoid the formal type of chat conversations and grab the user’s attention with the inclusion of visual elements like emojis and GIFs. Thereby pave the way for lively, friendly and fun-filled chat conversations and add more chances of convincing the visitors.

Voice messages

Include voice messaging solutions to enrich the user’s chat experience and to make the conversation more interesting and engaging. Provide the users a convenient way of instant communication in your platform with voice messaging solutions.

Smart Reply

Enable the users to send instant replies for every incoming message on the chat page of the app. Grab more eyeballs with this time-saving feature in the application.

Audio calls

Enable the users to connect with their contacts instantly through the high-quality audio calls in the application. Allowing users to have seamless communication with others will kindle interest in their minds to use the app again and again.

Convert Gifts into Money

Amaze your users by providing a flexible option to convert the gifts received so far into money. Users can convert their gifts into money easily and whenever required. Admin can also generate revenue whenever users avail the feature to convert the gifts into money.

Animated splash screen

Give a professional and unique look to your app with the animated splash screen. Impress the users and kindle interest in them to make use of the app with an astonishing animated splash screen.

Animated Sticker

Allow the users to have fun-filled and expressive chat conversations with the inclusion of this interesting feature in your platform. This feature will grab more eyeballs as it eventually avoids formal chat conversations on the platform. We will provide 5 animated stickers when the user purchases this addon.

Live streaming

Boost user engagement by integrating best-in-class live streaming solutions into the Chat app to provide a unique experience. Make use of high-quality and reliable live streaming services to enhance your revenue growth rate.

Website banner design

Amaze millions of users with an eye-catching banner in your website. You can also utilize the captivating website banner for your effective advertisement and promotional activities. We will provide 1 banner when the user purchases this Addon.

App and Play Store preview designs

Integrate the product with a highly effective image moderation solution to detect and filter offensive and inappropriate images submitted or shared by the end-users in your platform and protect your brand reputation.

Interstitial advertisements

Avoid the formal type of chat conversations and grab the user’s attention with the inclusion of visual elements like emojis and GIFs in your app. Thereby pave the way for lively, friendly, and fun-filled chat conversations and add more chances of convincing the visitors.

Arabic Language

New Popup of products and information including System, Word Processing, Fonts, and Desktop Publishing are now in Arabic Language. Rapidboost language resources support RTL(Right – to -Left) alignments for this Arabic Language popups.

AWS S3 Bucket Integration

Integrating Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) into the app allows customers to store, organize and retrieve any amount of data. With its best-in-class and unmatchable security and access management features, you can secure your data from unauthorized access.

App intro screen background video

Capture the user’s attention easily by adding an informative and interesting background video to the login page of your app. By this, you can amaze the users visually and intensify the bond with them within a short span of time.

Customized background image

Impress users on the online platform by including the customized background image on the website landing page. We will provide one visually stunning personalized background image when the user purchases this Addon.

Informative videos

Make your product stand out from the crowd with an engaging explainer video in your application. Explain your product to your target customers and enhance the popularity of your product.

Social media cover banner

Grab the attention of millions of users with the visually stunning cover banners for your social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. It is no surprise that the social media cover banner will create a consistent and professional look for your business.

Social media promotion banners

Grab the attention of your users and popularize your product on all social media platforms easily with attention-grabbing social media promotion banners. When the user purchases this addon, 5 promotional banners will be provided for every social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Note :

You will be charged only for the integration of Addons in your platform. In some cases, extra third party pricing may be applied.

FAQ and Update History

Curiosity has it’s own reason for existing, by questioning anything we arrive at the greater solutions.

Frequently asked questions

What are the languages are implemented for both apps?
Is this apps are in Native Platform?
Where does the messages store ?
What is the technology used for video calls?

Software and Server Requirements

Apache server, the most popularly used web/http server. It can installed as external server or on the same server as per your convenience.

Mongo db version 3.4 or higher

Redis 4.x Stable (Secure installation preferable)

PHP 5.6 to PHP 7.1

Nodejs 10.x

Python Webtest (2.7.*)

Ioncube loader version 6 or above. Ion Cube PHP Extension decrypts the protected PHP files and optimizes their execution.

Server should have the port number 2195 enabled for TCP – APN (Apple Push Notification)

Go Lang (1.x or later)

SMTP for PHPMailer() function. “sendmail” recommended for linux based servers.

Change Log

Randou v2.0.3 – 04 January,2022
Randou v2.0.2 – 15 September, 2021
Randou V2.0.1 – 05 April, 2021
Randou V2.0 – 27 April, 2020
Randou v1.0 – 23 May, 2019


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