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Why Opensea clone for NFT marketplace development?

With the world moving towards digitalization, many entrepreneurs have started to establish their business domains in the crypto sphere through NFT marketplaces. As the name implies, the NFT marketplace is a decentralized platform that facilitates storing and trading of Non-fungible tokens that represent all forms of digital assets like video, music, art, etc stored on the blockchain network.

NFT marketplace development includes the complete process of building an NFT marketplace for minting and trading NFTs. The success of Opensea NFT marketplace has greatly attracted many crypto enthusiasts to launch their own NFT marketplaces similar to the Opensea platform. Here comes the role of the Opensea clone in NFT marketplace development. But,

What is Opensea clone?

Opensea clone is a ready-to-use NFT marketplace script that can be used to build an NFT marketplace for creating, listing, selling, and buying NFTs. So, going for a readymade and reliable Opensea clone will be the smart way to launch your own P2P NFT marketplace like Opensea with unsurpassable performance.

Similar NFT Marketplace Script

A Rarible clone is a white-label NFT platform solution that helps you build and launch a next-gen NFT marketplace with improved security, numerous high-yielding revenue factors, and advanced smart contracts to enable secure NFT trading. Launch an all-inclusive NFT marketplace like Rarible using our fine-tuned Rarible clone script and traverse into the world of NFT.

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Why can you go for our Opensea clone?

With rich expertise in NFT marketplace development services, our team of experts has crafted a ready-to-use and avant-garde Opensea clone script to build a comprehensive NFT marketplace on the preferred blockchain networks such as Ethereum (ERC 721 and 1155), Solana, Binance Smart chain, Polygon, etc. This will pave the way for smooth trading of digital collectibles like art, video, etc.

Our white label Opensea clone script can also be customized readily and completely as per your blockchain business needs. So, the inclusion of additional functions based on your NFT marketplace concepts will be just a piece of cake. Also with our rigorously tested and smart contract audited Opensea clone, you can arrive at a secure NFT marketplace within your budget.

Therefore, leap into the flourishing NFT sector by launching your robust NFT marketplace similar to Opensea with our readymade and flexible Opensea clone script.


Everything is designed, only a few are mastered well, Our script is entirely crafted using the latest technologies.

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Notable features of our Opensea Clone
Listed below are the remarkable features of our Opensea clone script that
will astonish users on the NFT marketplace

Front end display

This interesting feature of our Opensea clone showcases all details about the NFT marketplace, owners, offers that are listed, bids, value history, etc. The visually appealing front-end display will help the users in knowing about the NFT marketplace completely.


With the highly advanced filter option of our Opensea clone, users can search and find the desired NFTs of their choices quickly and easily especially when there are many collectibles on the NFT platform.

Wallet system

Our Opensea clone is integrated with the wallet system so that users on the NFT marketplace can store, transfer and receive NFT tokens and digital currencies smoothly. The wallet feature will surely impress a lot of users as it facilitates their payment process on the NFT platform.

NFT Listing

To enable the users to search NFTs effortlessly on the platform, our Opensea clone will support the proper organization of NFTs along with the key specifications such as name, price, the end date of sales, and so on.

Instant Multi-chain interoperability

This exciting feature of our Opensea clone script will allow the crypto users on the NFT marketplace to get their favorite NFTs with their own digital currencies. This option will snatch the attention of a lot of users on the platform.

Notification option

This feature of our Opensea clone will notify the users on the NFT marketplace regarding all platform updates such as NFT sales, changes in ranking, and so on. This option will boost the engagement of the users on the NFT platform.

List, Sell and Buy NFTs

Our Opensea clone enables users on the NFT marketplace to list, buy and sell their NFTs without any hassles. This feature will pave the way for providing a positive experience for buyers and sellers on the platform.

Metamask Login

Our Opensea clone includes Metamask Wallet, the best and safe browser extension crypto wallet for NFTs and digital tokens. Metamask wallet will support all coins or crypto tokens that are based on the Ethereum blockchain.

IPFS storage

Our Opensea clone includes the InterPlanetary File system (IPFS), a decentralized peer-to-peer network for storing and sharing data in a distributed file system. It utilizes content addressing for identifying each file uniquely in a global namespace that connects all computing devices.

Like, Watchlist, and Report options

Users on the platform can ‘Like’ their desired NFTs to show their interests and can also add the preferred NFTs to the watchlist. So that they will be able to explore the specific NFT easily without the need to search for it again on the platform. Users can also report if they face any difficulty during buying and selling transactions.

Single Minting

Our Opensea clone script supports single minting of NFTs with ERC721 standard so that the particular minted NFT can be purchased by a single user on the platform.

Multiple Minting (ERC 1155 Standard

Our Opensea clone also supports minting multiple NFTs with ERC 1155 standard. Therefore, multiple copies of the same NFTs can be created for the selling and buying process on the platform

Dark theme support

The dark theme feature of our Opensea clone will enhance the experience of users on the NFT marketplace as the platform view will be much better than the standard look.

Social share and Links

Our Opensea clone facilitates the sharing of preferred NFTs on the social media platforms. This will boost the popularity of NFTs among users within a very short span of time

Remunerative revenue factors of our Opensea Clone

The profitable revenue-generating factors of our Opensea clone script to make a profit out of the NFT marketplace are mentioned below

Transaction fees

With this revenue factor of our Opensea clone Admin can make money by getting a certain commission percentage for every NFT transaction occurring on the NFT marketplace.

Listing fees

With this revenue factor of our Opensea clone Admin can get a commission for listing NFTs on the marketplace. Admin can generate revenue quickly with this lucrative revenue factor.

Minting fees

Admin can charge the NFT developers or creators on the platform to convert their assets into valuable NFTs on the blockchain network.

Initial setup fee

Admin can charge a certain initial setup fee from the creators those who wish to create accounts on the platform for listing their digital collectibles on the NFT marketplace.

Private sale option

With this option, Admin can make money by letting sellers on the NFT marketplace sell their creations to the buyers personally through the platform instead of public sale.


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Working process
of Opensea Clone

Do you want to know more about our Opensea clone? Then, have a look at the demo video to know about the working and astonishing inclusions of our Opensea clone that help in arriving at a robust NFT marketplace on the blockchain network.


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Spellbinding addons to impress users on
the NFT marketplace

Our Opensea clone supports the development of NFT marketplaces on various blockchain platforms and those are listed below.

Polygon Matic based Opensea clone

Build NFT marketplace on the Polygon Matic blockchain network for secure, instant and scalable NFT transactions. Users can create, sell, purchase and auction NFTs on the polygon network without paying any gas fees.

Opensea clone for Solana network

Develop your NFT marketplace on the Solana blockchain to pave the way for fast NFT transactions with efficient energy usage and low gas fees.

Opensea clone for Binance smart chain

With our Opensea clone script, you can deploy your NFT marketplace on the Binance Smart chain platform. Thereby, you can allow your users to experience low transaction fees and high smart contract functionality of the Binance smart chain.


Develop an NFT marketplace on TRON blockchain with our Opensea clone to enhance the performance of the NFT platform with low gas fees and higher throughput. Thereby you can gain traction on your NFT marketplace.

Note :

You will be charged only for the integration of Addons in your platform. In some cases, extra third party pricing may be applied.

FAQ and Update History

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How to build my NFT marketplace on different blockchain platforms?

Software and Server Requirements

Apache server, the most popularly used web/http server. It can installed as external server or on the same server as per your convenience.

Mongodb 4.x

Node.js 12.x

Change Log

DropCraze v1.0 (Stable) – June 21st 2022
DropCraze v1.0 (Beta) – June 10th 2022


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