How Rapid Boost helps Cyndicate with B2B marketing

First Rapid Boost team conducted focus groups and surveys to gather critical data in order to launch the new brand.

How Rapid Boost helps Cyndicate with B2B marketing


About Project – Ideation, Strategy, Website & Community Portal needed to launch the idea from the ground up. From strategy to brand design, social media to community portal (Apps & Web Portal) were launched by Rapid Boost team. Within 8 months has become fastest growing networking organization in Western Canada.

Project Overview

First Rapid Boost team conducted focus groups and surveys to gather critical data in order to launch the new brand. After that marketing strategy and plan was created followed by brand identity.

New Website and Community Portal desktop and mobile apps (For Events, Networking etc.) were launched.  

With a solid digital foundation in place, the next step was to develop a 52-marketing calendar to launch campaigns to effectively engage and drive customers to the business.

Multi-channel nurturing and conversion campaigns were launched over email, social, website, and advertising. Customized offers and promotions were created for each location depending on business needs.

What Our Client Say's

"These guys are very professional and know what they are doing. I would definitely recommend them for all your strategic marketing needs."

Mitch Cammidge

Our Approach

After conducting in-depth focus groups and competitive market study, Rapid Boost put together a plan and strategy to launch the brand.

We started with our inbound marketing strategy – our Inbound Framework. This detailed strategy allows us to target ideal clients and audiences; understanding precisely how, where and why they search. This work is the best foundation for every B2B company in targeting the right audience, and generating the right leads.

Our strategic work – completed in month one – focused on buyer persona development, content strategy, competitive analysis, keyword research and content calendar development.

Now that a strong strategy was in place, our team set forth to execute on the strategy. We researched the space, met several times with the client and quickly learned and emulated the company’s style and tone.

We build high quality content – writing blog posts, eBooks and landing pages for the company. We use this core content production, every month, to fuel SEO, social media, blog posts and new landing pages. Our process has allowed us to efficiently accelerate efforts for this client, using the HubSpot platform.

The Results

After their first year of the marketing campaign, had a predictable pipeline of online leads with an increase of +1,416% in monthly visitors and 4x the leads previously generated. This allowed them to focus on ramping up their sales team and expanding to new countries in pursuit of distribution opportunities.

This continued trajectory of growth has allowed them to focus more on operational development and venturing further into B2B marketing campaigns as a primary channel to their sales pipeline.

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