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Why can you make use of swiggy clone?

The growth of online food delivery platforms is tremendous these days with the great increase in the use of these platforms by people across the globe for ordering their preferred food items from the comfort of homes. There will be an upsurge in the demand for food delivery apps in upcoming years too. Seeing the drastic growth of this online food delivery sector, many entrepreneurs show great interest in kick-starting their online food delivery businesses. But, only a few of them are able to taste success in their ventures because people these days search for a fully-integrated food delivery app with innovative features and seamless performance. So, those proprietors who arrive at such a feature-packed food delivery app can build a successful online food delivery business. But, building such an outstanding online food delivery platform is not an easy task, especially when building it from scratch

Therefore, it becomes essential to look for a much better way to develop a stunning food delivery app within the budget. For that, I would suggest going for a readymade swiggy clone script. A question will cross your mind now.

What is Swiggy clone?

Swiggy clone script is an online solution that will be pre-built with all significant features to arrive at a full-featured food delivery platform. So, make use of a reliable swiggy clone script with unrivaled performance to materialize your dream of running a profitable online food delivery business.

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Why can you go for our swiggy clone script?

With rich expertise in delivering top-notch clone scripts for various online business models, our experts have crafted a best-in-class swiggy clone script with modern features, state-of-the-art technologies, and responsive framework.

Our remarkable swiggy clone script is put through strict testing steps and thereby shows the best performance across platforms. So, boosting the reliability of your online food delivery platform will never be a tough job with our swiggy clone

Also, our swiggy clone is scalable and so can be readily customized to fit multitudinous online food delivery business models. Therefore, giving life to fresh food delivery app concepts will be as easy as pie with our swiggy clone. Why are you waiting still? Make the best use of our phenomenal swiggy clone script and reach entrepreneurial goals in your online food delivery business venture.


Everything is designed, only a few are mastered well, Our script is entirely crafted using the latest technologies.

Breathtaking features of our swiggy clone
Listed below are some interesting features of our swiggy clone script that can

Complete product details

With this option in our swiggy clone users on the platform can know the food item details such as price, texture, feedback provided by other users, and many more. These details will greatly help the users before placing their orders on the platform.

Cart and booking option

The users can find their picked food items on the cart which will then pave the way for the users to place their orders easily. As this option eases the order placing process of the users, it will impress them quickly.

Rating and review system

With this option users on the food delivery platform can provide ratings and feedback for the food items. These reviews will help other users who are on the verge of placing their orders on the platform

Internal messaging system

Our swiggy clone script enables the users on the food delivery platform to chat with the Admin on the platform if they face any inconvenience or issues with their orders

Order tracking

With this option in our swiggy clone script, users on the food delivery platform can track their orders and can also provide their feedback for the orders. If they face any problem with their orders, they can also have a quick chat with Admin. This option helps in increasing the reliability of the platform.

Categories and subcategories

With various categories and subcategories, our swiggy clone allows users to find their desired food items based on price, offers, shop locations, etc. This option will help the users in placing their orders within a short span of time.

Transport category option

With this option in our swiggy clone, users can transfer their things from one place to another hassle-free. Users can deliver any items like documents, medicines, and so on.

Food items

Our swiggy clone script allows users on the platform to view all food items with essential details such as ratings, price, available time, and many more. Users can have a look at all the food items and can then place their orders conveniently

Advanced search

With this feature of our swiggy clone, users can easily search for their most desired food items on the platform. This feature boosts the search experience of the users and thereby can quickly grab users’ attention on the food delivery platform.

Banner feature

Our swiggy clone supports the inclusion of banners to catch the attention of users on the food delivery platform. The banners can include offer details, top-selling items, and many more.


With this interesting feature of our swiggy clone script, shop owners can promote their food items on the platform effectively with offer details, feedback given, and so on. The featured promotions have a higher chance of getting user attention on the platform

Subscription plans

Our swiggy clone supports the inclusion of various subscription plans with which Admin can make a profit whenever the shop owners subscribe to plans on the platform.

Remunerative revenue factors of our swiggy clone

Some profitable revenue-generating factors of our swiggy clone script to make money on the food delivery platform are shown below

Banner advertisements

Through the banner ads, Admin can easily make a profit on the online food delivery platform. Admin can also decide on the number of banner ads that can be shown, the amount for running those ads, and all such details.

Subscription plan

Admin of the food delivery platform can make money from the subscription plans. This revenue factor of our swiggy clone script allows Admin to earn more within a very short time span.

Exciting Addons to impress users on the food delivery app

Shown below are some of the most eye-grabbing addons that can arouse interest among the users on the online food delivery platform

Website banner design

With this feature, you can snatch the user’s attention on the online food delivery platform. You can also make use of the website banner for promotional activities.

App and Play Store preview designs

With the visually striking app store and play store preview designs, you can kindle interest among the users to make use of our food delivery app again and again.

Arabic RTL

Include this feature in the swiggy clone to eliminate language barriers on the online food delivery platform. Static texts and the UI of the food delivery app will be translated into Arabic

AWS S3 Bucket Integration

With the inclusion of Amazon S3 in the swiggy clone you can allow users to save and retrieve necessary data hassle-free. The data can also be protected from unauthorized access with its best safety features

Note :

You will be charged only for the integration of Addons in your platform. In some cases, extra third party pricing may be applied.

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