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The scope of online taxi booking services in the near future

Taking a look at the tech landscape that has stretched far beyond our eyes, lets us realize how different things were a decade ago. Especially the launch of Uber and Ola has spiraled up the mobility revolution in the country.

Unexpectedly, even when things changed with the advent of virus crises, these online taxi booking giants managed to survive. Now, ride-hailing businesses are back with a bang! The online taxi booking providers have managed to sustain their niche in the online industry.

Thus, many aspiring business minds are enticed to be a part of this profit-yielding industry now. This for sure is a positive sign that this industry will thrive in the upcoming years and it has got a purpose beyond profit.

Why is there a need for an Uber clone app development?

There are many aspiring business minds out there with a clear business idea yet unable to venture into online business due to lack of resources as per their business requirement. To them here is a highly scalable, readymade Uber clone app with enthralling features.

So, a futuristic readily available uber clone script inclusive of all trendy functionalities and user-attractive features is all an ambitious entrepreneur needs to succeed in the transmogrifying online ride-hailing industry.

What is a Uber Clone Script?

Uber clone script is a readymade taxi booking solution that helps to build your own on-demand taxi booking platform with latest on demand features and technologies. So, move swiftly into the online taxing booking industry deploying our fully integrated and customizable uber clone.

Cabso: The best-selling Uber clone app to dominate
the online taxi business sector

The traffic congestion on the road keeps increasing across the globe, so whiz through the competition in the online taxi booking business. An eminent uber clone script aids you to overcome challenges and manage the taxi booking operations. This way one can develop an online taxi booking platform that stands unique from the rest available in the market.

What do you get using our Uber clone app for the
online ride-hailing business?

Native iOS & Android Apps

The features of our Uber clone app are custom-built in the native languages of iOS & Android, so as it’s in tune with all types of technologies.

Best Support

We don’t just stop with meeting our customer’s expectations, we are ready to offer our helping hand when our customers are in need.

Excellent Technical Support plans

Customer issues are our great source of knowledge, so our expert team works with much dedication to resolve our client’s technical issues.

Uber Clone at the Best Price!

Our Uber clone script is now available at the best price and so it is a golden opportunity to grow your online taxi business with this reliable solution.


Our intelligence is made visible through our scripts that are designed with
advanced technology

Highlighted features that set your online ride-hailing business ahead of the rest
You needn’t blend but stay ahead of your competitors with these diverse features


Launching the next big thing in our Uber clone - Rapidboost Cabso

In addition to being available as a feature-rich app across iOS and Android platforms, our Uber clone can be accessed on web platforms too. It is a user-centered incredible platform and is the latest in speed, safety, and security that caters to the business needs of commuters and cab service providers.

It facilitates the process of booking cabs online by connecting passengers and cab companies instantly and conveniently. What’s more? kick start your online taxi booking business with the best-in-class Uber clone web platform.


Ride Now

Your users can book rides in a jiffy. The next minute the drivers available nearby will be notified via the driver app. Grant your users the comfort of booking rides for them or their neighbors, friends, etc instantly

Ride Later

Provide your users the ease of scheduling their rides as per their needs. Once they book a ride the driver will get notified instantly. So, gone are the days when one has to worry about rescheduling a ride.

Ride History

Through this amazing feature of our Uber clone script, users get to view the entire details about their completed rides such as destination, ride-fare, etc.

Verified Riders

It’s simple but secure. During the signup process, the riders will be verified through the OTP verification through the Facebook account kit. And, each time a booking is done, a one-time password (OTP) will be generated.

Wallet & Payments


Payment made easy! Bestow your users the pleasure of paying their fares quickly and conveniently without the need for carrying cash or a card always with an automatic wallet functioning of our uber app clone.


Let your users enjoy hassle-free rides! Using our Uber clone script users can also pay for their rides with cash after they reach their destination.

Credit & Debit Cards

All-inclusive for a reason! Our Uber app clone allows users to use their credit and debit cards to make payments easily through the Braintree payment gateway.


Our Uber clone script integrated with Paypal aids users to pay the ride fares at their convenience.The payment process for users is no more a nightmare!

Auto-Location & Fare Estimation


The tracking option and in-app GPS function help users with looking for and tracking their rides accurately. Your user doesn’t need to know a place to be on track with a ride anymore.

Fare Estimation

Give your users the relief of knowing the ride fare even before they start their ride. When a user enters the pickup-and-drop address to book a ride, the approximate fare amount will be shown and they can opt for the ride that fits in their budget. Let your users relish this opportunity.

Notification & Reviews


In one accord, our uber clone script lets your users get notified instantly of every detail of the ride through the in-app notification services available.


Feedbacks from customers is the best business strategy of all. Our Uber clone script has a feature that lets users rate the rides and give reviews. These reviews are crucial to improve your service.


SOS Alert

The SOS alert option lets users call the police or they can alert their emergency contact. Instantly the user’s location details will get shared with that helpline or emergency contact. So, don’t panic anymore if stuck in a tight spot!

Emergency Contact

Your users will be asked to enter an emergency contact number. So, this comes in handy in case of any emergencies.

Social Login & Invite

Easy Login

Our Uber clone script incorporated with social media login makes the registration process of the users quick and simple. It’s a cinch!

Signup with Social Media plus

Let your customers drive into the app without much trouble. With our uber clone script, users can register and sign in to the app using their social media accounts such as Google+, Facebook, etc within a fraction of seconds.


This special Invite feature of our Uber clone script is a boon using which your users can quickly share the app with their family, friends, colleagues, etc.

Web Application

Attractive Design

When we affirmed our uber app clone is customizable, here is one of the reasons. The attractive landing page of our uber clone can also be modified as per the requirements of business owners.


Second to none! Designed by a team of experts, our Uber clone script is extraordinary in terms of performance and speed.


Best security options in our uber clone script protect the application from attack and provide your users a secured platform devoid of vulnerability. For us, security isn’t a product but a process.

Bootstrap Responsive

Our Uber clone script is built with an awesome responsive design that makes it easily adjustable to the screen sizes of any devices such as tablets, mobile phones, desktops, etc.



This versatile dashboard available in the Admin panel lets your Admin keep an eye on the entire operations of the platform. A valuable addition to your admin’s bag of tricks!


Our Uber clone allows Admin to keep track of each and every aspect of the taxi booking business expeditiously with necessary elements of the management such as driver, user, vehicle, rides, and payments.


By setting up flexible commissions based on the price ranges, Admin can pocket commission on each and every ride without even investing money in the inventory. We help you earn your corn despite difficult circumstances.


Settlements are the payments history that constitutes those payments done by customers through online transactions. The record will be received by drivers from Admin. It’s a matter of record!

Live Navigation


Even your drivers needn’t be familiar with the pick-up location of customers. This efficient live navigation feature helps your drivers to pick up the customers quickly from the exact location.

Google Maps

To facilitate smooth navigation to the customer’s pickup and drop locations, Rapidboost Uber clone has been integrated with Google Maps.

Earnings & Ride History

Earning Reports

Drivers will be given an accurate earning report, that lets them know about their earnings in detail.

Ride History

Exactly like the users, even your drivers can know all about their completed rides, The ride history lets them know every detail precisely such as corresponding fare details, and all other details related to the rides.

SOS & Emergency Contact

SOS Alert

Even if stuck in a desperate situation your drivers just had to tap the SOS alert button at the top right corner of the driver app’s map navigation page. And, there will be help before they search for it

Emergency Contact

This SOS/Emergency contact option of our Uber app clone keeps your drivers protected in any unpredicted situations. Drivers will be asked to provide their emergency contact numbers. This is to keep them wrapped in a tight cocoon if there arises a need.

Online/Offline Mode


Drivers can receive rides only when they need by just turning the status online. Yet, they may need a break. In such cases, they can make their status offline.

Instant Request

When the drivers are available online, users get to book a quick ride. So, whenever a new ride is booked, drivers will receive an instant request.


In-App Notifications

Never let your drivers miss an opportunity! Our notification panel in the driver’s app will notify them whenever a ride is sought by someone, information on the end of a ride, and while receiving payment.

Push Notifications

Drivers also receive push notifications sent by the Admin from the backend server at any point of time.

Documents & Verifications


Our Uber clone asks for driver’s documents such as insurance, vehicle paper, license, etc which may be required for any purpose in future.

Verified by Admins

The owner of the site will verify the documents submitted by the drivers through the Admin panel.

Driver Landing Page

Attractive Design

Our Uber app clone is developed with an attractive design and can be made to fit as per your driver’s specifications and never fails to enhance the driver’s experience.

Mobile Responsive

Our Uber clone exhibits seamless performance as it is built with a mobile responsive design which makes it automatically adapt to different screen sizes.

Customization / Changes

If you want any of the features to be modified or included in the product or if you are looking for some fresh concepts in the product, you can make a request and approach our team to get the required customization support.


Productive Revenue Factors of Our Uber Clone App

To thrive, all businesses must focus on the art of Revenue making.

Ride Commission

Admins can set up flexible commissions for drivers based on the ride categories. They can include fixed commission rules or even percentage-wise commission rules depending on their hierarchy. This way they’ll calculate the total commission for each and every booking without any need for investment in inventory. This way the Admins can scoop commission without any hassle on each ride.

Google Adsense

Our Uber clone script provides Google Adsense as an additional revenue factor for the Admins. Using this Admins can create a Google Adsense account and can run those advertisements in the app to earn money. With an increase in the number of people using the application, Admin’s revenue from it will also increase.

Web & App Demo Details of Uber clone App

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Get to know a lot more about the working process of our Uber clone app. Gain enough insights on our uber clone app’s surprising features and seamless performance across Android and iOS devices, through this demo.

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as you are an Admin

For an Admin to look after and manage each and every aspect of the business and manage the overall site effectively, try this demo. You’ll get to know a lot about the wide range of features available for the Admin in our uber app clone.

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Try this demo if you are a driver

Take a look at our Uber clone app, that’s designed meticulously to aid drivers in your ride-hailing business with an astounding driver app.

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Arabic Language

This is another attractive add-on as it would capture the attention of more users. With the complete support for Right-to-Left (RTL) alignments, the new popup of products and information including System, Word Processing, Desktop Publishing, and Fonts are now in the Arabic Language.

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FAQ and Update History

Curiosity has it’s own reason for existing, by questioning anything we arrive at the greater solutions.

Frequently asked questions

What is the latest version of cabso?
What is the technology used in this clone script?
Does it has wallet option?
Do cabso supports multi payment option?
Does it has the app notifications?
How can i signup or login into the app?
Do I get any estimation of cost before riding?
What about the driver and cab document management?
What is the revenue factor?
What is Ridenow / Rider later?

Software and Server Requirements

Mongo db version 3.4 or higher

SMTP for PHPMailer() function. “sendmail” recommended for linux based servers

Server should have the port number 2195 enabled for TCP – APN (Apple Push Notification)

Nodejs 8.x LTS version

Change Log

Cabso v2.0.2 – September 15, 2021
Cabso v2.0.1 – Feb 08, 2021
Cabso v1.1 – 6 February, 2019
Cabso v2.0 – Aug 30, 2019
Cabso v1.0 – 18 May, 2018
Cabso v1.0(Beta) – 7 May, 2018


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